Season 1 Episode 5

The Moose

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1972 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Hawkeye buys Young Hi's freedom from Baker for $2,200. With inflation taken into account, that amount of money would be roughly the equivalent to $18,261 in 2010.

    • Goof: Radar is helping Hawkeye by looking through a telescope at Sgt Baker's cards. At the beginning of the card game, Baker is wearing a fatigue jacket, but by the end he has removed the jacket. However, when Radar looks through the telescope, Baker is always wearing the fatigue jacket.

  • Quotes

    • Young Hi: Must wash more socks, press shirts and shine boots.
      Trapper: Where were you when I wanted to get married?

    • Hawkeye: If you haven't got any more guts than that then I'm not gonna work here. I'll quit this outfit. I'll quit the war.
      Henry: Really? Well, who's gonna break the news to Truman and MacArthur?

    • Spearchucker: And when you meet people, don't look down. Look them in the eye and don't back off. (puts her hand on her face, then his) We're all the same. You get it?
      Young Hi: Excuse it, not same.
      Spearchucker: How do you figure?
      Young Hi: You need shave.

    • Trapper: (about the swamp) Someone broke in here and committed a neatness!

    • Radar: (when peering through telescope at nurse entering shower) I'm still blocked...hoo boy, am I blocked.

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