Season 4 Episode 22

The More I See You

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1976 on CBS

Episode Recap

Part One: Hawkeye and BJ are sitting in the Swamp being bored when a jeep pulls up with two new nurses, a blonde and a brunette. Hawkeye sees the blonde and recognizes her; when they turn around he hides so she won't see him. BJ points this out and asks what the problem is. Hawk says that they were 'involved for a time.' He says that they lived together during his surgical residency in Boston for a year and a half. They painted the flat they lived in together; he says his hands had the color Hunter Green for a week. He tells BJ that her name is Carlye Breslin and that she left him. He then says that he doesn't mind her being in camp; BJ asks if that's why he's reading Frank's diary. He finds Radar in OR; he and Klinger are changing the light bulbs in surgery per Frank's order. Hawkeye asks Radar about the nurses. Radar says their names are Carlye Walton and Becky Anderson. Hawkeye doesn't know Carlye by Walton, and Radar says that it's a married name. Later, Becky is reading about local customs to Carlye when BJ and Hawkeye arrive at their tent. When she hears Hawkeye's voice, Carlye recognizes it and is shocked when he enters with BJ. Hawk and Beej bear gifts for the nurses, including a cigar, a canned ham, soap, shampoo, and a roll of bathroom tissue, aka the 4077th stationary. When Becky asks what BJ stands for, Hawk says, 'Practically anything.' When BJ introduces Hawkeye, Carlye recognizes the name from The Last of the Mohicans and also recognizes one of his jokes. They invite the girls to come to the Swamp for a drink after chow. When they leave, Becky says, 'I love him.' Carlye asks, 'Which one?' and Becky says, 'I don't care.' Later, Carlye takes Hawkeye up on the drink in the Swamp. They drink to 'old friends.' Carlye asks him how he has been, he asks how he looks and she says he's thinner, paler, and has a few gray hairs. She asks if it's been rough in camp and he says it's mostly kids he works on. He asks about her husband and she tells him that he's a Naval officer on a destroyer off the coast, but will go back to advertising after his stint. They have no children and are talking about that. She asks if he's married and he goes on about how he is single. He says that he had thought about her often, wondering what happened to her. She says she got married, and he says he couldn't have because he was in residency. She says that they could have even though he was struggling. She says that Doug, her husband, was struggling in advertising when they met and that sets Hawkeye off about how his work is more important. Carlye says that if he was a little less good at his work, he might have needed her more and that Doug is able to commit to something more, and that she's it. Hawk says that there had been no one since her, just faint copies. She asks if it's going to be difficult working together and he says that they are there to just work. At that, she leaves.

Part Two: Col. Potter is painting Radar with a mail pouch. He says that Radar needs to find a hobby. Radar says he does impressions. He does a turtle poking its head out of its shell. Then he does Al Jolson, who he saw in Seoul. He does Jolson introducing a song, but he can't do him singing. In OR, Hawkeye and Carlye are working on a patient. When she tells him his voice could give her frostbite, he offers to talk later on. They meet in a small storage room. They toast to Hawkeye just being himself. He says that he was wrong about the two of them just working together. He says that he can't be normal around her unless he gets rid of some of the baggage he had been carrying around since they broke up. He says that he had hated her passionately. He thought he had finally gotten over it when she showed up in camp. He said, 'I got over the hate. But I never got over the love.' He said that when she showed up he could hear his heart beating again. She says it can't be the way it was, but he says it can be better and kisses her. Later on, Potter is painting Klinger for a painting he will call 'Greek Athlete.' Father Mulcahy comes in to complain about typos in the Bibles that Quartermaster sent to him, one says, 'Thou shalt commit adultery.' Meanwhile, BJ has a call from Peg coming through several relays from the States to camp. Hawkeye gives him a file to put under the heading 'MP.' BJ says it could stand for 'married person.' Hawkeye says that BJ disapproves of his affair. He asks if BJ's ever strayed, or even been tempted, and he says no. Just after his call comes through, Radar comes in to give tell Hawk that Carlye has put in for a transfer. He gets upset that she didn't tell him. She says that she was going to tell him. He asks what she will tell Potter and she says the truth, that she can't work with him because she loves him and that Doug would want a divorce if she told him. Hawkeye says that they could be together and even proposes to her, in his own way. He winds up walking into the corner and she says that he had a lack of conviction about it. She says that she doesn't want to take a backseat to his work again. He understands and says that they don't have to say goodbye, but she says that she asked them to rush the transfer. They embrace, and as he leaves, he says that if anyone asks, he turned her down.

Epilogue: In the Swamp, Hawkeye and BJ are playing a guessing game about actors. Hawkeye starts talking about Carlye again, and BJ says that it must be rough. Hawkeye: 'In some ways I don't mind that she's gone again. It's just that she never altogether leaves.'