Season 5 Episode 5

The Nurses

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1976 on CBS

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  • One of the best episodes of pivotal season five, The Nurses shows the continued evolution of the character of Margaret Houlihan.

    Season Five of M*A*S*H could be subtitled 'The Evolution of Margaret Houlihan.' Like most of the other main characters, Margaret went from the contradiction of the passionate-but-by-the-book Hot Lips to a more rounded person. The change began in season four as she reassessed her relationship with Frank, but became more pronounced in this season with breaking up with Frank, and her engagement and marriage to Donald Penobscot. In this episode, she lets her guard down and tells her nurses how she feels about their treatment of her.

    After a contentious OR session and an argument in their tent, Nurse Baker(Lou Grant's Linda Kelsey) gets put on restriction just as her soldier husband(Trapper John, M.D.'s Gregory Harrison) arrives to have the honeymoon they never had. Hawkeye and BJ hear of this and make him a quarantined soldier and put him in Margaret's tent so they can have a night of passion. This forces Margaret to bunk with the other nurses, and they help Baker to sneak out and even lend her a nightgown. However, Margaret finds out and the other nurses rally behind her in one of the most memorable scenes of the whole series. Margaret tells them that she would not have let Baker go, but not because it's against regulations; but because that they never included her in their circle. She has the most memorable line: 'Did you ever once ever offer me a lousy cup of coffee?!' However, when Col. Potter asks about what happened, she covers for the others and you can see her become more open.
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