Season 4 Episode 15

The Price of Tomato Juice

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the mess tent, Hawkeye and BJ are sitting with Col. Potter. The colonel is swatting at flies and says that the camp is 'up to our butts in larvae.' BJ remembers that he is the insect officer. Hawkeye is reading the paper while eating. Radar comes in and has a glass of tomato juice with him. Potter sees it and it reminds him of things back home, so Radar offers it to him. He loves it, and then leaves to go to the latrine, taking Hawkeye's paper with him. Radar finds out from Klinger that the tomato juice came to camp by mistake, that it usually goes to the upper echelon brass. Radar asks if the requisition officer could order some, but it turns out to be Frank, who is upbraiding Igor for sloppy serving in the chow line. Radar goes to post-op and asks Hawkeye and BJ to talk to Frank about the tomato juice. BJ reminds him of the old saying that 'no good deed ever goes unpunished.' However they agree; they find Frank in the shower with Father Mulcahy and and ask him. Frank refuses at first; after Mulcahy says he should, Frank says that he will if they can get him a pair of nylons. He says it's for a nurse that performed well in the OR; they really are for Margaret. Hawk and Beej then ask Klinger for a pair of his nylons. He refuses until they say they can get a two-day pass to Seoul for him. Radar then goes to ask Potter for the pass; he refuses, citing an order from Gen. Bradley Barker canceling all passes because of congressmen visiting Seoul. Radar says that Klinger is really tired, and 'about to bite a tank,' so Potter calls Gen. Barker, who turns out to be an old friend. Barker then asks if Margaret would join him in Seoul for a party. Potter asks her while they are operating on a patient. She wants to go, but says it's for the good of the unit. However, when Frank hears, he objects, knowing the real reason she wants to go and begs her not to. When she refuses, he gets mad and stalks off. Radar tries to give him the nylons he wanted, but he is so mad he goes back on the deal. Hawkeye and BJ then plan to keep Margaret at camp so Frank can give her the nylons. They write a note from Frank implying he will propose to her and a note by Margaret telling him she will stay. They then meet in her tent and find out what happened. Meanwhile, Hawkeye and BJ bring Klinger to Gen. Barker's driver as a replacement for Margaret. Later, Radar delivers a glass of tomato juice for Col. Potter, and he says that he forgot that he likes the stuff but it goes right through him, so he can't drink it. When Radar tells him what he did, Potter says he appreciated it, but to tell him when he wants to surprise him. Just then, Klinger returns from Seoul, saying that Gen. Barker enjoyed his company.