Season 9 Episode 16

The Red/White Blues

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 1981 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hawkeye is giving Col. Potter his army physical. Col. Potter is healthy in everything except one thing: his blood pressure is too high. Col. Potter says if the army sees that, they'll force him out of the field and put him in a pathetic job. Hawkeye refuses to lie on the physical because blood pressure is something he won't mess with. But when Col. Potter asks if he can stall the report until it has to be in, giving him time to lower his blood pressure, and Hawkeye accepts that idea. But Col. Potter can't drink, smoke, have too much salt, or get angry for the next two weeks.
That night, Klinger finds Potter and tells him he forgot to sign the papers that will allow him to go to Tokyo. Potter says he didn't forget, he refused to because Klinger needs to send ICORP the medical reports. Klinger gets upset at this, but Hawkeye pulls him out of the conversation before Potter starts getting angry. He than explains Potter's blood pressure to Klinger.
The next morning, Potter gives a lecture to everyone to not forget to take their cloriquine pills to prevent malaria. But as he sits down, everyone starts doing odd things: BJ hides the salt and Margaret and Father Mulcahy forbid him to drink coffee. Potter figures out Hawkeye told everyone about his blood pressure.
Klinger is in his office later gathering the reports together. Potter walks in to get the cloriquine, but finds primaquine instead. Potter starts yelling at Klinger, and Hawkeye comes in to find out what is going on. Klinger says he didn't screw up, and Hawkeye says they can get by with what they have. Potter explains that anyone who is black will suffer from taking primaquine and continues to chew out Klinger. Hawkeye notices a piece of paper in the box, and tells Potter Klinger didn't mess up. The army is out of cloriquine, so they sent primaquine. Potter apologizes to Klinger and takes the primaquine.
Later that night, Klinger starts feeling really bad. During this time, he messes his office up by accident. Hawkeye walks in and chews him out because if Potter walks in, he'll never lower his blood pressure because of all the screaming he'll do. Klinger tries to tell Hawkeye that he doesn't feel good, but Hawkeye doesn't believe him. He thinks Klinger is throwing a fit because he didn't go to Tokyo. He orders Klinger to clean the place up and leaves. But Klinger is so weak he falls on his bed and doesn't get up.
The next morning, Margaret walks in Klinger's office and violently wakes Klinger up after seeing the mess. Klinger tries to tell her that he feels sick, but Margaret also believes he's angry that he didn't get to go to Tokyo. At that moment, wounded arrive. While in OR, Margaret tells Hawkeye Klinger didn't clean his office. Hawkeye is now furious and says he's putting Klinger on report.
When Margaret walks out, she finds Goldman on the floor. He says he doesn't feel well and Margaret tells him to rest in the changing room. Klinger was right next to them and complains that she didn't believe him and he has the same problems. Margaret, in an angry voice, tells him what is wrong with Goldman, and suddenly realizes she listed what Klinger said was wrong with him. She tells Klinger to go with Goldman.
After their shifts are over, Hawkeye, BJ, and Margaret try to find out what is wrong with Klinger and Goldman. Fearing whatever it is may spread, they decide to put both of them in the VIP tent. Hawkeye and Margaret apologize to Klinger and tell him they'll take care of his reports. Margaret than tells Winchester to help her with Klinger's office while Father Mulcahy needs to keep Potter away from his office. BJ and Hawkeye eventually come to the conclusion that Klinger and Goldman are suffering from the primaquine. Hawkeye says that is only supposed to happen to black people, but BJ says that it's a new pill and not all its effects are known yet. Margaret, Winchester, BJ, and Hawkeye are later trying to finish Klinger's work. Father Mulcahy tries to keep Potter out, but he eventually is forced out of the way and Potter comes in. After seeing the mess and by now tired of everyone being so overcautious about him, he shouts "I can't stand this anymore! The next person who is nice to me is gonna die with boots on: MINE!"
After two weeks pass, Klinger and Goldman are back to normal. The primaquine was found to be what was making them feel sick. Potter also rejoices that his blood pressure is down. To celebrate, he grabs some liquor and cigars. Several days later, Potter finds Klinger all beat up when he returns from Tokyo. After he explains what happened, he tells Potter there was one person who had a worse time. Goldman comes in, also beaten up and wearing a cast on his left arm.
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