Season 9 Episode 16

The Red/White Blues

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 1981 on CBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Winchester: Where did Klinger put the post-op files?
      Margaret: I don't know, look under "p".
      Winchester: Post-op under "p"? That is the one place I know it would not be. These were not filed by a homo sapien. The last files I found were under "g" for "getting better".
      Margaret: Then what do you think we should do?
      Winchester: Burn the damn place down and take a tax loss.

    • (Margaret, Winchester, BJ, and Hawkeye are trying to clean up Klinger's office. Father Mulcahy walks in and closes the door to keep Col. Potter out)
      Father Mulcahy: Is it true that pigs are smarter than horses?
      Col. Potter: Padre, go ask a pig and a horse. Whichever one gives you a better answer, that's the one. Now let me in my blessed office! I've never wrassled a priest before, but God knows you're giving a reason to. (He pushes the door open and sees the mess) What in Samuel Hill hit this place?!
      Margaret: This is not as bad as it looks.
      Col. Potter: NOTHING could be as bad as this looks!

    • (Col. Potter recently found out that Hawkeye had told people about his blood pressure)
      Father Mulcahy: Colonel, you're not going to drink that coffee, are you?
      Col. Potter (to Hawkeye): You even blabbed to the priest! Is nothing sacred to you?!

  • Notes

    • Hydroxychloroquine is a version of one of the drugs in question in this episode (Chloroquine). This drug is also known as Plaquenil and today is a very popular drug in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.

  • Allusions

    • BJ: Congratulations Maxwell, your blood is good to the last drop.
      This is an allusion to Maxwell House Coffee, which has a slogan of "Good to the last drop."

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