Season 2 Episode 10

The Sniper

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

While Trapper has a cold, Hawkeye has a picnic date with a new nurse, Lt. Marquette. Radar brings him food for the picnic, and Frank cleans his gun. Hawkeye's picnic is interrupted by gunfire, which he thinks came from Frank, who was taking target practice nearby. However, the shots come from a sniper, which scatters everyone in camp and traps Henry and Radar in the shower together. The rest of the camp gathers in post-op. Trapper calls Regimental HQ for help and finds out that there is a push on and they won't get to the camp until the next day. An ambulance comes in the compound and Henry and Radar use it to get back to Radar's office. To get the wounded in the ambulance inside, Hawkeye suggests surrendering. They get a white flag and Hawkeye and Trapper wave it while the wounded are brought in, but the shooting starts again, knocking out the generator so the doctors have to operate in the dark.

When night falls, boredom and tension build. Margaret suggests a 'real man' would put an end to the situation. When Frank hems and haws, Margaret is disappointed. Later, Hawkeye wakes Margaret to find Frank for his shift, but he is gone. Hawkeye goes outside and finds him crouched by some oil cans. Hawkeye promises Frank not to tell Margaret, but they hear a noise in the mess tent. They go to investigate, Frank's gun goes off and they find it is Radar looking for something to eat. All the noise starts the shooting again. The next day, a chopper flies over the camp and sprays gunfire in the area where the sniper is. After it leaves, a white flag appears in the brush. Hawkeye goes out to look and finds a young North Korean soldier badly wounded. After bringing him into camp, he tells Trapper and Radar that the Korean was scared, separated from his outfit and thinking that the camp was MacArthur's headquarters. They think that they should show the Korean a MacArthur, so they dress a sleeping Frank up like MacArthur.