Season 2 Episode 10

The Sniper

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1973 on CBS

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  • the naked truth !!

    probably one TVs first moon-shots !!! lol
  • phoney MASH

    the Sniper gets hit by half a magazine of .45 bullets and
  • Pinned down by a sniper

    The 4077th is pinned down by an enemy sniper which is a really dangerous situation, but there are still humerous situations.

    Whenever Frank was holding his gun you knew he would do more harm than good. The funniest scene involved Radar and Henry in the shower and holding onto each other because they were so scared.

    In the end no-one gets hurt except the crazed sniper himself who thought he was attacking MacArthur's headquaters and he'd be a hero.
  • A good but not great episode.

    An episode that deals with the 4077 dealing with something they never expected: an enemy sniper. Caught off guard, men and women scramble for cover with a hilarious scene involving Radar and Colonel Blake. As the hours tick by, desperation becomes evident in different ways with typical funny scenes playing out. Although the ending can be predicted by most viewers, there is a message of humor, tinged with irony, in the last few scenes of this installment.

    The acting is fairly solid in this episide though there seems to be, at times, 'dead' spaces in this ep.

    A solid episode though not a classic....