Season 2 Episode 10

The Sniper

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1973 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Radar brings Hawkeye his picnic basket, it includes a bottle of brandy he "borrowed" from Col. Blake. There is only about an inch of fluid left in the bottle, so Hawkeye instructs Radar to top it off with some of the homemade hooch. Radar carries the big beaker over to the basket, but leaves the tent before filling the bottle. Hawkeye places the nearly empty bottle back in the basket and walks out. At the picnic, however, the bottle is nearly full.

    • Radar is usually embarrassed to even take his shirt off in front of other people. It seems unlikely that Radar would take a shower at the same time as anyone else.

  • Quotes

    • Frank: I happen to think that man is more than just an animal whose every thought is motivated by sex.
      Hawkeye: Well, there goes Hot Lips's evening.

    • Frank: Surrender? Surrender and be overrun by those yellow hordes?
      Trapper: Overrun by a horde of one?
      Margaret: There may be a squad of them out there!
      Frank: And the minute you surrender, they infiltrate!
      Hawkeye: Frank, there are ladies here.
      Margaret: Colonel, if we are overrun, may I remind you of your responsibility for the women of this command! What guarantee do we have concerning the violations of our bodies, the possibly numerous, multiple violations of our bodies by the enemy?
      Hawkeye: What kind of guarantee do you want?

    • Hawkeye: Frank, do you know what a hero is? Ninety-nine times out of a hundred he's somebody who's tired enough, and cold enough, and hungry enough not to give a damn. I don't give a damn.

    • Radar: We've been pinned down in the shower.
      Hawkeye: That's the cleanest you've been since it rained.

    • (Hiding from the sniper in Post-Op at night)
      Lt. Marquette: This is eerie.
      Hawkeye: Sit a little closer, it helps chase away the eeries.
      Lt. Marquette: Why do I feel safe here with you?
      Hawkeye: Search me, I don't.

    • (Hawkeye grabs onto who he thinks is the sniper.)
      (Frank screams and starts shooting.)
      Hawkeye: I got him! I got him! Stop shooting!
      (Frank lights a match.)
      Hawkeye: You almost killed me!
      Frank: I didn't fire it! I didn't! (looks at his gun) Yes, I did.
      (Hawkeye pulls Radar out from underneath a table.)
      Radar: I had to get something to eat!
      Hawkeye: You'd risk your life for a...a ketchup on rye?
      Radar: With butter and lettuce!

    • Radar (at show-end referring to sniper's thinking that he was firing on MacArthur's headquarters): Where do you think you're going to get a MacArthur to show him, for Pete's sake?
      (Hawkeye and Trapper don a sleeping Frank with cap, sunglasses, and corncob pipe.)
      Frank (waking up): What's going on?
      Hawkeye: You have returned.

    • Frank: He fired on our white flag. We should fire on his...(as the others glare at him)...just spitballing.

  • Notes

    • The gun used to bring down the sniper is a Thompson submachine gun. You have to look closely but you can make out the details.

    • Teri Garr went on to make a number of critically acclaimed movies, including Young Frankenstein, Mr. Mom, and Tootsie.

    • A goof past the censors: when the towel drops from Radar, a split second shot of his naked rear end was shown!

    • This is the first of 15 appearances by Dennis Troy, in various roles. The last appearance is in episode 252. However, he can often be seen in other episodes, in a non-speaking role.

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