Season 2 Episode 8

The Trial of Henry Blake

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

Col. Blake and Radar go down to Regimental Headquarters for a hearing on Col. Blake's fitness for command. Frank is in charge and says things will be different. Gen. Mitchell says Frank and Margaret have filed several charges against him. Through flashbacks, we see that the camp had a Kentucky Derby celebration with betting, Radar's attempt to be a wing-tipped shoe salesman, and Klinger's building of a hang glider and attempt to desert by flying out of camp. The hearing is then adjourned and Henry is placed under arrest for aiding the enemy and falsifying records. It turns out that he gave extra supplies to Meg Craddy, who is running a clinic for the locals around camp, especially the pregnant girls. However, Frank and Margaret found out and put Henry up on the charges. When Radar gets back to camp, he tells Hawkeye and Trapper and they go and tell Frank and Margaret that they will go to Regimental HQ and bring Meg to the hearing to help Henry. Frank has them arrested, confined to the Swamp, stripped to their civvies and the still removed. A MP is posted by the door, but when Klinger comes in to deliver dinner, Trapper gets him to get something from the post-op to knock out the guard. After that, they get Meg and a Korean girl and drive to HQ. Henry's only explanation is that he was just trying to help. Gen. Mitchell is inclined to recommend court-martial proceedings when Hawkeye, Trapper and Meg arrive. Meg tells the hearing that Henry gave the supplies to her so she can run her clinic and help the pregnant girls of the area. Henry then tells them that anything he gave Meg was for her clinic and he did not deprive the wounded of anything. Frank and Margaret arrive at the hearing to try and convince the general of Henry's unfitness for command. The general wants to drop the charges, but Frank refuses until Hawkeye blackmails him with a proposed letter to his wife about his affair, so he and Margaret agree to drop them. After the hearing, Gen. Mitchell comes down to visit the 'nutfarm' that the camp is. Henry insists that it isn't, but Klinger greets him with a bouquet and everyone else are wearing Radar's wing-tipped shoes.