Season 7 Episode 7

They Call the Wind Korea

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Part One: Col. Potter is painting his thumb('the only thing in camp I haven't painted yet') when Radar interrupts, telling him a storm is coming down from the north with high winds and freezing temperatures. Potter tells him to get everything that could be blown away tied down. Charles barges in wondering where his chopper that is to take him to his R and R in Tokyo is, as it's an hour late. Potter tells him it's probably not coming because of the storm, but has Radar sign him out a jeep to drive to Seoul. He says the Japan Shuttle may still be flying if he can beat the storm. Charles tells Klinger to drive but he refuses, saying he has to drive back in the storm. Potter tells him he can stay overnight in Seoul. BJ reinforces the Swamp, but Hawkeye calls the storm nature's cease-fire. Nurse Bigelow comes in and invites Hawkeye to a little get-together later. Margaret comes over and yells at her for not going to her assigned duty, helping reinforce the water tower. Charles complains to Klinger about not going fast, but they are stopped by a MP who says a convoy just went through and they need to allow three hours. He gives them an alternate route but Charles insists on making time, so he doesn't write it down. Radar covers his cages for his animals, but he has to sing a lullaby to one of them. He asks Father Mulcahy if they will be all right, so he gives a blessing to them. Klinger says they are lost and Charles yells at him for not listening to the directions. Klinger says they should go back, but Charles threatens to arrest him. Hawkeye and BJ prepare for a quiet night, but the water tower falls over in the wind and people get hurt. One of them is Bigelow, who was on top of the tower. She has internal bleeding, so they have to operate and Margaret, filled with guilt over her earlier outbursts, insists on assisting Hawkeye. Klinger and Charles get even more lost, and they find a troop transport that was tipped over. Klinger hears someone crying for help and finds three inside and one outside the truck.
Part Two: Charles is trying to make the injured men(who are Greek) comfortable with his injuries. Klinger brings Charles' bags in from their jeep. Charles thinks they will not survive the night. One of the injured men has a chest wound, and another has a shoulder wound that doesn't stop bleeding, so Charles has Klinger tear one of his shirts to make into a tourniquet. Klinger offers to go out looking for help and Charles says it's better if he stays. He admits to Klinger that he's afraid. Back at camp, Radar checks on his animals and finds that his guinea pig Babette is missing and her cage was open. In the OR, Hawkeye finishes the operation on Bigelow and Margaret still feels guilty. Radar comes in looking for Babette. Margaret leaves, and Hawkeye reassures her that Bigelow will be okay. A chopper pilot and his spotter are brought in after crashing in the wind. They were looking for the Greek troop truck. Hawkeye says they could be Charles in Tokyo, not knowing they are with the Greeks. Klinger says that it is funny that they are clinging to life and they don't know anything about each other. Charles tells him about his childhood, but one of the Greeks can't breathe, because his lung has collapsed. Charles manages to, with Klinger's help, re-inflate the lung and save his life. While operating, the lights in the OR go out briefly. The next morning, Charles and Klinger emerge from the truck and Charles has Klinger go for help. Radar is still looking for Babette, and Hawkeye says he may have to face that she didn't make it. Margaret brings Bigelow some makeup for her. Hawkeye looks over the patients in the OR with a fake nose and glasses, but finds Babette on the chair next to Bigelow's bed. Klinger climbs up a ridge only to find that they are only yards from camp.
Epilogue: While everyone is cleaning up, Charles drives up with the Greeks. Charles blames Klinger for getting them lost, then tells how he saved the Greeks, while Klinger mentions how close they were to camp. Potter has Klinger go get some rest and tells Charles that he must be off to R and R. Instead, Charles goes back to the Swamp, saying, 'Be it ever so crumbled, there is no place like home.'