Season 1 Episode 2

To Market, to Market

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1972 on CBS

Episode Recap

The day starts off when Hawkeye and Trapper are in the OR operating on a general but they run out of Hydrocortisone so they go and see Hotlips in the supply room for some answers. Frank steps in saying that the supplies were stolen by the black market; they learn that a truck just pulled up outside with new supplies but it too has been stolen.

Henry is in his office polishing his new desk and Hawkeye and Trapper go in to get him to call General Hammond. Hammond tells the that he will not send them any new supplies so they ask Radar to find out who is in charge of the black market operation. They take a jeep to go and see Charlie Lee, they go inside but then think about the jeep but then realize that someone has already taken parts from it. Charlie Lee tells them he wants $10000 for it but then make him a deal for Henry's desk. They return to the 4077 and he agrees to do it for the desk and he says that he will have a truck in front of the hospital at 0600.

Early the next morning Radar wakes Trapper and Hawkeye so they can get ready to steal the desk. They get into Henry's office but are then interrupted by Frank and Hotlips so they hide under the desk, but on his way out, Frank locks the door so they can't leave. They come up with the idea to knock down the back wall but by that time Frank had ordered the truck away. They get a chopper pilot to fly the desk to Charlie Lee and later that day he shows up with the Hydrocortisone.