Season 1 Episode 2

To Market, to Market

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1972 on CBS

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  • When much needed medical supplies go missing en route to the 4077th, Hawkeye and Trapper take it upon themselves to deal directly with the black market for the goods. However, the only bargaining chip they have is Col. Blake's 100 year old antique desk!

    I find it interesting that in the drop down menu for 'classifications' of these reviews there are the options "Fine example" and "Exactly why I watch this series". For me, both of those phrases sum up this episode. Immediately following the pilot (although this was the third produced show of the series), 'To Market, to Market' doesn't stray far from the arena of hijinks and capers that MASH (both the movie and, at this point, the TV show) were known for. Once again, this is ok by me. Silly plot lines and ample space for humor are what got me watching MASH in the first place. And here, thankfully, the tear-jerking melodrama that would become synonymous with the series in later years, is nowhere to be found. Instead all we're left with is irreverence, lunacy, and, maybe, even a litte idiocy. But at least it's inspired idiocy. In my opinion, if you watch MASH for the humor, this episode is a clasic.
  • To get hydrocortisone Hawkeye and Trapper make a deal with Charlie Lee for a trade. He will give them the hydrocortisone for Henry's antique desk. With some trouble, the two finally get the desk to Charlie via a helicopter leaving Henry dumbfounded and

    This is a very funny episode! I love all the different problems Trapper and Hawkeye have trying to get hydrocortisone. My favorite part is when Henry runs into his office to make sure his booze was not stolen and there stands Frank looking at the "wall" with a stupid look on his face. I also love the look on Henry's face as he watches his desk fly away. Has anyone else noticed that numerous times throughout the series Wayne Rogers constantly can't keep a straight face, not saying that is bad because he does have a nice smile. *sigh*
  • for the second episode they touch on contraband

    this is a very good episode. not just in terms of the writting and acting, the storyline is equally clever.
    Hawkeye and Trapper have to find something to trade medical supplies with the black marketeer (played by the great Jack Soo) and what better barganing trade that Colonel Blake's recently arrived Oak Secretary?
    a very strong second episode, with great comedy and a good story. the scene of the helicopter flying away with the secretary is hillarious.