Season 1 Episode 2

To Market, to Market

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1972 on CBS

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  • When much needed medical supplies go missing en route to the 4077th, Hawkeye and Trapper take it upon themselves to deal directly with the black market for the goods. However, the only bargaining chip they have is Col. Blake's 100 year old antique desk!

    I find it interesting that in the drop down menu for 'classifications' of these reviews there are the options "Fine example" and "Exactly why I watch this series". For me, both of those phrases sum up this episode. Immediately following the pilot (although this was the third produced show of the series), 'To Market, to Market' doesn't stray far from the arena of hijinks and capers that MASH (both the movie and, at this point, the TV show) were known for. Once again, this is ok by me. Silly plot lines and ample space for humor are what got me watching MASH in the first place. And here, thankfully, the tear-jerking melodrama that would become synonymous with the series in later years, is nowhere to be found. Instead all we're left with is irreverence, lunacy, and, maybe, even a litte idiocy. But at least it's inspired idiocy. In my opinion, if you watch MASH for the humor, this episode is a clasic.
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