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  • Season 11 Episode 16: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

  • The M*A*S*H timeline takes another hit. Margaret sends a telegram saying she knew Charles for two years which means he arrived in 1951 however Colonel Potter and BJ arrived by September 1952.

  • At the final get-together before everyone leaves, the nurse that says "I'm gonna be the best darn nurse Oklahoma's ever seen" is played by Judy Farrell, ex-wife of Mike Farrell (BJ). Incidentally, Judy is from Oklahoma, born in Quapaw in 1938.

  • When everyone is in the mess tent discussing what they're going to do when they get home, Nurse Kellye is shown with her rank and medical insignia on the opposite and incorrect collars.

  • Alan Alda had a different idea for the series finale; after a typical half-hour episode, a "breaking the fourth wall" routine would happen: the director would yell 'cut,' the actors would walk off screen, and Alan Alda would say, 'Well, for the last 11 years we tried to show you what war was like, but it's not as much fun.'

  • When saying goodbye to Col. Potter Hawkeye and BJ gives him a parting gift from the heart: a salute.

  • By the end of this season, BJ Hunnicut, Col. Potter and Charles Winchester are the only characters to last longer than the characters they replaced (Trapper John McIntyre, Col. Blake, Frank Burns).

  • This is the second time Klinger got married.

  • When B.J. and Margaret are operating on the soldier that drove the out-of control tank into the compound, somehow he has grown a mustache between the time he was pulled out of the tank and gotten on the operating table.

  • In the mess tent scene with the Chinese musicians, Margaret brings up the 'nose-touching' incident again to Winchester. This incident occured in 'War of Nerves' from season 6.

  • Towards the end, Col. Potter reminisces about the time Hawkeye and B.J. dropped Winchester's drawers in the OR. This actually happened in "Bottoms Up" from season 9.

  • Each of the main characters made their final departure from the 4077th in a different mode of transportation. They are in order of departure:

    Klinger: in an ox cart
    Mulcahy: in an ambulance
    Margaret: in a jeep
    Winchester: in a garbage truck
    Col. Potter: on horseback (Sophie)
    BJ: on a motorcycle
    Hawkeye: in a helicopter

  • Although it works dramatically, and allows us to say good bye to another beloved occasional character, I don't think Sidney Freedman would have been permitted, or allowed himself, to adminster therapy to Hawkeye. They are friends and Sidney would probably have trouble maintaning his objectivity.

  • In the final scene with Col. Potter, Hawkeye and B.J. (last three cast members left in camp), there is a someone holding the horse's reigns. Potter left by horse, BJ by motorbike and Hawkeye by chopper. Rizzo said earlier telling Winchester, "this is the last vehicle I got". How did the person holding the horse leave?

  • Sidney arrives at the camp for the birthday party in a jeep - which clearly says "4077th MASH" on it. If he is coming *into* the camp, and he is not part of the 4077th, where did he get the jeep?

  • Season 11 Episode 15: As Time Goes By

  • When everybody was putting mementos of past characters in the time capsule, Radar and Henry Blake were mentioned. Charles even mentioned "the infamous Major Burns" afterwards. How could they (especially Hawkeye!) have forgotten to even mention Trapper?

    Actually, Trapper is the only departed character mentioned in the two hour finale. This is probably why he wasn't mentioned here.

  • When Hawkeye was contributing symbols to the time capsule he placed in Radar's teddy bear. On closer inspection, however, we find that this is not his teddy bear. The giveaway was the nose, which had been either rubber or china, but in the new one was cloth.

  • Season 11 Episode 14: Give and Take

  • When Klinger is passing around Candy bars to the men at post-op he gives it to the wounded North Korean soldier. He then passes it to the G.I. who shot him. If you look at the candy bar there is a UPC bar code on it . Those didn't come out until the seventies.

  • Season 11 Episode 12: Say No More

  • At the beginning of this episode, a lot of Hawkeye's hair has grey in it, but near the end, when Hawkeye is talking to Major General Collins in his trailer, the grey is gone.

  • Season 11 Episode 11: Strange Bedfellows

  • Near the end of the episode, when Potter has been telling Bob the tale of his own slip-up, and comments that there's nothing worse than betraying the love of a good woman, Dennis Dugan makes a very peculiar movement with his mouth. It almost looks as though, having listened tight-lipped to the story and realizing that Potter knows, he started to speak and found that his lips had stuck together.

  • When Charles is sitting at the table, his medical insignia and leaves on his collar keep switching sides.

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