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  • Season 1 Episode 1: M*A*S*H - The Pilot

  • When Hawkeye and Trapper are arrested by Hammond at the party there is a large crowd of people behind the General and Henry. When we cut to the shot of Margaret and Frank approaching, there is no-one in sight.

  • When it comes time for the raffle, Hawkeye tells everyone to take out their tickets. Instead of calling out a number that would match one of the tickets he calls out a name, so the ticket holders didn't need to have their tickets out to see if they won.

  • Goof: Hawkeye dances closely with Lt. Dish and has a wreath of flowers over his shoulder. In the next scene, the wreath is hanging between the two.

  • In the later episodes of M*A*S*H the surgeons wear their masks with the straps tied at their neck and near the top of the head, while the nurses wear their masks with the straps criss crossed. Here the surgeons wear their masks in the same fashion as the nurses. However, the doctors and nurses may wear their masks tied differently so you can tell from the style who's whom. Alternatively, they could have chosen to change the style to keep the mask more secure.

  • Goof: Hawkeye says Ho-Jon can stay with his parents while going to school. However, Hawkeye's Mother is dead and has been for some time.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: To Market, to Market

  • Goof: When Charlie Lee greets Hawkeye and Trapper, he says, 'You guy's got the best record in the southeast Asia theater of operations?' Southeast Asia would be Vietnam. Korea is a long, long way from Vietnam.

  • Goof: When Trapper and Hawkeye go to the jeep to get the supplies at the end of the conversation Hawkeye says "Whoops." However, his mouth does not move when he says it.

  • Frank locks Hawkeye and Trapper in Henrys office. Radar cannot open the door, but after Hawkeye and Trapper have escaped by pulling down one wall of the office, Henry, followed by Frank, runs into the office without unlocking the door.

  • During the scene where Trapper pulls back Charlie Lee's desk when Hawkeye is telling Charlie about Henry's desk if you look closely the cord to the phone on the desk goes inside one of the desk drawers.

  • Goof: Why would Trapper and Hawkeye be operating without their masks on over their faces? That's always been doctor's policy to try and prevent the risk of infection. What makes this general so unimportant?

  • Goof: The oak desk in Henry's office is clearly different than that the helicopter is carrying away. Also, it would be much too heavy for Hawkeye and Trapper to carry it while running!

  • Goof: If you watch closely, you'll notice that the bloodstain on Hawkeye's right rubber glove tends to disappear.

  • Goof: When Hawkeye and Trapper see that their jeep has been picked of its tires the steering wheel is spinning in a 360 fashion many times. No steering wheel is capable of moving around that many times.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Requiem for a Lightweight

  • In the first shot of Trapper running behind the jeep, he has a large patch of sweat on his chest. For the rest of the scene it is dry.

  • When Trapper uses Frank's bag for training, the inscription is saying Property of MAJ. Frank W. Burns. But later Frank is called Franklin D. and Franklin Marion Burns.

  • Goof: In the very last scene when Henry brings Nurse Cutler into the Swamp, there is close up shot of Trapper and he says something to Nurse Cutler but his lips do not move, he is just smiling.

  • Goof: Just where did the 4077 get a boxing ring? And how did they get it set up in the mess tent? And why would they put it up a day or two before the fight?

  • Goof: Father Mulcahy was a boxer, why didn't they ask him to do the boxing for the event?

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Chief Surgeon Who?

  • Both Frank and Hot Lips were wrong about the regulations. As long as they are a good surgeon, anyone can be made Chief Surgeon regardless of their rank. This is more likely a display of Frank and Hot Lips' self-righteous attitude, regardless of regulations.

  • Henry enters his tent, where General Barker is searching for him. Henry holds a box full of worms in his left hand and a lamp in his right, which he then holds in his left armpit. When he gives the box to Leslie, the lamp suddenly has disappeared.

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