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  • Season 3 Episode 24: Abyssinia, Henry

  • Goof: "Henry say that Korea is 1 day and 14 hours ahead of USA. Radar correct him by saying that its USA that is 1 day and 14 hours ahead." Because of the time zones North America can never be ahead of Asia.

  • When Henry swept Margaret into an embrace, she put her right hand behind her head (holding her hat) and her left hand on Henry's shoulder. When the camera angle switched to a back view, we see her hands reversed. When the camera switched back, her hands were in the original position.

  • The term 'Abyssinia' is a slang term meaning 'I'll be seeing you', so the title literally means "I'll be seeing you, Henry."

  • There was indeed a point system in Korea. Rotation points were earned by both enlisted men and officers. In September of 1951, an officer would need 55 points to be rotated stateside. Since Henry Blake was an officer serving in a frontline unit, (as opposed to rear echelon) he would have earned 4 points a month. It would have taken him 1 year, and 1 month to be rotated home. The goof here may just be the dodgy timeline.

  • Season 3 Episode 23: White Gold

  • Margaret says she's examining Flagg's ribs and Hawkeye asks if they should send out for sauce. As we saw in the Season 3 episode "Adam's Ribs," Hawkeye has quite a weakness for ribs with sauce.

  • Trapper says that Flagg broke his own arm the last time he was at the 4077th. But the last time Flagg came to the 4077th before this episode was early in Season 3 ("Officer of the Day"). The broken arm incident happened much earlier, during Season 2 ("A Smattering of Intelligence"). Trapper had to deal with Flagg directly during "Officer of the Day" so you'd think he would remember that visit.

  • Notice the lock on the door to the supply hut the second time someone breaks in. One moment it is locked, the next it is open.

  • Season 3 Episode 22: Payday

  • The 'orderly stampede' that lines up outside the Mess tent consists of women as well as men. After getting Hawkeye settled with the military script and the paperwork, Radar leaves, stating that he himself will go and give the officers their pay. Clearly, Hawkeye is only giving the noncoms their pay. However, the only women in the outfit are nurses, and all nurses are commissioned officers--so Radar would be paying them, and they had no need to stand in line.

  • Season 3 Episode 18: House Arrest

  • Movie Spoiler During the movie, there is a scene where Gene Tierney's character is explaining the tragic accidental drowning of her husband's brother, out on the lake. Hawkeye and a nurse notice that Henry has tears running down his face, and Hawkeye comments, "He's very deep." This seems like a natural enough reaction--if you've never seen the movie. Leave Her to Heaven concerns a woman (Gene Tierney) who is obsessed with having her husband completely and utterly to herself, by whatever means necessary. To this end, she takes her husband's crippled kid brother out on the lake to practice his swimming, then coldly sits and watches as he tires and goes under. The scene that had Henry weeping showed her lying through her teeth, and Henry's reaction should have been moral outrage. (Of course, it's entirely possible that Henry was dozing up to this point.)

  • The plotline requires that Col. Reese be quartered in Margaret's tent. The V.I.P. tent, therefore, vanishes for the duration of the episode and there is no explanation as to why it could not be used by the Colonel.

  • All Hawkeye and Trapper had to do is tell Henry that Frank started everything. According to army regulations, if a superior officer provokes or uses physical abuse on someone and that person strikes them, the superior officer can't press charges.

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Bulletin Board

  • In this episode Major Houlihan implies that her father is dead. However in various episodes he not only sends her letters but comes to the 4077th.

  • Season 3 Episode 14: Private Charles Lamb

  • This episode as much as any other shows how Radar's character evolved over the years. Back in the season 1 episode "Long John Flap" Radar was willing to trade a pair of long johns for a whole leg of lamb (with mint jelly of course).

  • When we first see the spam lamb, the face is featureless except for eyes. Then we cut to a close up and see more features such as lips. Finally, we cut back and see the featureless face again.

  • Season 3 Episode 13: Mad Dogs and Servicemen

  • In the first scene, Radar is feeding a raccoon. Raccoons only live in North and South America, so Radar wouldn't have found a raccoon in Korea.

  • In reply to the above goof: When you're delirious it doesn't matter if a member of your family is alive. You'll talk to whomever about whatever comes to your fevered mind.

  • 'The Wayward Wind' by Gogi Grant (mentioned in the multiple choice letter to Radar) was not released until 1956, long after the war ended.

  • When Radar is in Post-Op, delirious from the rabies shots, he mistakes Henry as his father saying something along the lines of, "Sorry about the car, Dad." Hasn't Radar's father been dead since he was young? The only mention of immediate family is his mother and Uncle Ed.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Adam's Ribs

  • Why couldn't Hawkeye grab one or two ribs before he went into the operating room?

  • Even though Hawkeye forgot to mention it when he placed the order, why couldn't he ask the person who picked up the ribs to also pick up some cole slaw?

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