Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1973 on CBS



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    • (Margaret is talking to who she thinks is General Clayton, but who is really Hawkeye)
      Hawkeye: Hello?
      Margaret: Hello, General? Margaret Houlihan!
      Hawkeye: Margaret! I do hope this is going to be an obscene phone call. (chuckles)
       Margaret: (nervously) I wish it could be, sir.

    • Henry: (about Tuttle) He was the best darn O.D. man we ever had.

    • Henry: Radar, there's something going on with Major Burns.
      Radar: Uh, yes, sir, with Major Houlihan. I know one guy who got pictures.

    • Frank: (to Trapper) Have you seen Tuttle?
      Trapper: You just missed him. He's over to X-ray with Hot Lips. He said something about doing some chest pictures.
      Frank: (sounding disturbed) You're a liar.

    • Hawkeye: We can all be comforted by the fact that he's not really gone, that there's a little Tuttle left in all of us. In fact, you might say that all of us together made up Tuttle.

    • Hawkeye: (preparing Tuttle's profile) And now, something for Hot Lips. Height--six-feet-four. Weight--195 pounds. Hair--auburn. Eyes--hazel.
      Trapper: Hawkeye?
      Hawkeye: Hmmm?
      Trapper: I think I'm in love.

    • Loudspeaker: Captain Jonathan Tuttle will report to Colonel to Colonel Henry Blake on the double. Captain Jonathan Tuttle, report at once.
      Hawkeye: (To Trapper) Should we go back inside and build one?

  • Notes

    • A possible inspiration for Tuttle lies in a World War Two operation by British intelligence made to convince the Germans of the veracity of phony papers found on the corpse of a supposed British officer. It worked to stunning effect, and also involved the use of staged telephone conversations and falsified records like Hawkeye and Trapper used on Burns & Houlihan.

    • There is a joke hidden in the closing credits for this episode. Captain Tuttle is credited for appearing "As himself" despite the fact that he is never shown on screen, because he doesn't exist. Hawkeye made him up.

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