Season 10 Episode 9

'Twas the Day after Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 28, 1981 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • During his rest break in Post-Op, B.J. addresses Igor as "Corporal", but later, in "Promotion Commotion", we see Igor is an E-2 ("buck") private.

  • Quotes

    • Klinger: Fantastic! You know, Major Cass, those are the kind of ideas that keep the sun from setting on your umpire.
      Maj. Cass: Quite.

    • Klinger: When you get your next word typed, let me know. I'll be in my office. Hold all my calls unless it's MacArthur.
      Col. Potter: Damn!
      Klinger: (from inside the office) Seven!

    • Winchester: You know what a rum baba is?
      Pernelli: Yes, it is one of them Desi Arnaz songs.
      Winchester: And you call yourself a chef?
      Pernelli: No, I call myself a cook. Chefs ain't got tattoos.

    • Col. Potter: (typing) One. O-N-L-(grunts). Only one. Y-space-O-P! Damn!
      Klinger: Pretty good typing. You're up to 6 'damns' a minute.

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