Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome to Korea

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 1975 on CBS

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    BJ -and several other personel-are shown arriving in a dress uniform-he would have worn fatigues or utility unifrom

    Also this claims BJ Is 28 and graduated from Samford University Medical School...

    In fact....

    sanford Medical School didnt come into existance until after the Korean War

    Ina later epsiode with his friend Leo Battennelo BJ claims he was married 10 years before and apparently after graduating from Medical School--which meands he went to medical School at 14-gradauted at 18 got married--and missed WORLD WAR II????

    Also in some epsiodes he claims his daughter was still an infant and in others that she is a little older than a baby... and although he gets gulit trips from coming very close to have affairs with other women besides his wife..there is a scene where BJ and hawkeye sing a duet about working on patients theought out the day and nurses thoughout the night which would be more in keeping eith Trapper John attitiude toward marraige and women...in fact there is a scene after the BUG out which shows Hawkeye and BJ sitting in louge chairs wearing hawaiian shirts while a laterine is being dug-which is almost exactly like the piolot epsodie which show Trapper John and hawkeye sitting in louge chairs wearing Hawain shirts....swopping Trapper John and replacing him with BJ