Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome to Korea

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 1975 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When BJ says he and Peggy were out on a night on the town, he said that the babysitter got the message that he was drafted. But in a later episode he said he tipped the Western Union guy, which suggests he was home at the time.

    • This is the first hour long episode of M*A*S*H.

  • Quotes

    • PA Announcer: Attention...attention, please! The following personnel are permanently assigned to the MASH 4077th:

      Alan Alda as Hawkeye
      Mike Farrell as B.J. Hunnicutt
      Loretta Swit as "Hot Lips" Houlihan
      Larry Linville as Frank Burns
      Gary Burghoff as "Radar" O'Reilly
      William Christopher as Father Mulcahy
      Jamie Farr as Klinger

      And, reporting for duty at 1600 hours, 19 September 1952...Harry Morgan as Colonel Sherman Potter, Regular Army. God help us all.

    • Hawkeye: You've heard of a military post? This is a compost. Everything we got is surplus. The lice are surplus. Only the wounded are new. Supplies are a joke. The tedium is relieved only by the boredom. I can't think of a single reason why we're here except we're needed. So pitch in, muddle through, pip-pip, and the whole schmear. Ours not to reason why, ours not to let 'em die.

    • (Hawkeye, B.J., and Radar are fixing a flat tire on the stolen jeep when they are fired on by snipers.)
      Radar: This is the general's jack!
      Hawkeye: Salute it and get in!

    • Frank: Where's your bugle?
      Radar: It's over there.
      Frank: Where?
      Radar: In the file cabinet under B.
      Frank (opening the cabinet): Well, your clipboard's under C, of course.
      Radar: No, K.
      Frank: I'd like to know what you're doing in this man's Army.
      Radar: Me too, sir.

    • Frank: I've had enough your oversleeping!
      Radar: I just do it in the mornings.

    • Frank: Captain!
      Hawkeye: No man calls me that and lives.

    • Hawkeye: One of the first things you'll learn around here, BJ, is that insanity is no worse than the common cold.

    • B.J.: (drunkenly introducing himself to Frank) What say ya, ferret face.

    • Hawkeye: (in a fake British accent) Request permission to go to my quarters, sir!
      Frank: Oh, scram!
      Hawkeye: (in a fake British accent) Scramming, sir!

    • Hawkeye: (after returning from leave) For you, Frank. It's a MacArthur doll. Wind him up and he returns from anywhere.

    • (Klinger is wearing a flowered hat with his fatigues)
      Frank: Klinger!
      Klinger: Sir!
      Frank: How dare you wear that hat while in uniform?
      Klinger: It's spring, sir!

    • Hawkeye: Softly, Radar. Talk in small letters. I have the Mount Rushmore of hangovers. Six aspirin companies are bidding for my head.

    • Radar (about Trapper): He got drunk for two days and then he ran naked through the Mess Tent with no clothes on!

    • Hawkeye: (referring to a wounded soldier) Forget it. He's had it.
      B.J.: We have to TRY! (Turns soldier over, takes one look. Puts soldier back down, crawls short distance and vomits)

    • Hawkeye (in a loud military voice): Forward -- drink!

    • Hawkeye: We've only got two patients in post-op: a nurse who was bitten on her nameplate by Sgt. Niles, and Sgt. Niles with a broken jaw.

    • Hawkeye (to Frank upon arrival at camp): Hello honey, I'm home.

    • Hawkeye: (to Radar) There is no Jeep here, there's only a whole lot of here here.

    • Radar: You're not sober, sir.
      Hawkeye: Oh boy, I would really resent that if I wasn't drunk.

  • Notes

    • At the end of the episode, the P.A. announcement reports Col. Sherman Potter will arrive 19 Sept (1952). The next episode, "Change of Command" which introduces Potter, originally aired 19 Sept (1975).

    • After returning from the first commercial break, as Hawkeye and Radar are arriving at Kimpo, the voice on the loudspeaker paging Sgt. Sterner to maintenance is Wayne Rogers.

    • This episode won the Emmy for Outstanding Film Editing in a Series.

    • Gene Reynolds won the Emmy for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

    • B.J. is from Mill Valley, California, not too far from where Trapper would be working several years later on Trapper John, M.D..

    • When Frank is cleaning out underneath Trapper's old bunk, he pulls out a Trapper's old hat and the kimono he wore in several episodes. This probably was done in tribute to the recently departed Wayne Rogers.

    • The scene where Hawkeye steals the jeep is almost remeniscent of the scene in the film version when Hawkeye and Duke steal a jeep after arriving in Korea.

    • It is revealed that B.J. got his medical training at Stanford. This is the only the second time that the audience learns where any of the doctors got their medical training. Henry got his from the University of Illinois and Charles got his at Harvard. It was never revealed where Hawkeye, Trapper or Frank got their medical training.

    • For the new season, here are the changes in the show opening:

      (1) Instead of Trapper leading a medic team to the landed chopper, we see B.J. running out to the chopper. (This was later reshot to show B.J. checking on a patient in the chopper.)

      (2) Mike Farrell's and Harry Morgan's names replace Wayne Rogers' and McLean Stevenson's in the opening credits.

      (3) Jamie Farr is added to the opening credits.

      (4) The opening credits are done in a much larger font than before; this will remain for the remaining episodes.

    • This episode won Best Directing in a Comedy Series Outstanding Film Editing For Entertainment Programming at the Emmy awards.

    • This was actually Mike Farrell's second episode. When production resumed for the fourth season, the first episode filmed was "Change of Command." "Welcome to Korea" was second.

    • This is the first of 5 60-minute special episodes of the series: others are the Season 5 debut, "Bug Out" (#U801, Sep. 21, 1976), Season 6's premiere, "Fade Out, Fade In" (#Y101, Sep. 20, 1977), Season 7's "Our Finest Hour" (#T408, Oct. 9, 1978), and Season 10's "That's Show Biz" (#Z419, Oct. 26, 1981).

    • The 8055th MASH is mentioned in this episode. The 8055th MASH was the real-life MASH unit in Korea which served as the basis of the 1968 novel, the 1970 movie and this very 1972-83 TV series.

    • Mike Farrell's debut appearance as Capt. BJ Hunnicutt.

    • M*A*S*H defects to Friday nights at 8:30, which proved to be the shortest-lasted timeslot of the series (2 months!), the show having struggled against NBC powerhouse Chico And The Man.

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