Season 3 Episode 23

White Gold

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

One night Klinger is on sentry duty when three men dressed in black sneak into camp. They go past all the tents into the supply room and steal the supply of penicillin. Just as they come out, Klinger spots them and they try to run off. Two of them get away, but he gets one. However, his purse gets stuck in the trigger and he can't fire for help. The man grabs his gun and points it at him and Henry. Everyone else comes out and tries to talk him into giving back the gun. When Father Mulcahy comes out, the man turns and Klinger subdues him with his fur stole. Later, Hawkeye and Trapper take care of the injuries he suffered in getting subdued. They try to get him to tell them what he wanted with the penicillin, but he doesn't say very much at all. His dog tags say Corp. Perkins. The next day, Col. Flagg comes into camp under the cover of Jewish chaplain Capt. Goldberg. He found out about the penicillin theft and wants to question Perkins. However, Radar says he ran the dog tags and says they belong to an infantryman who was killed in action a month earlier. Henry tells him he has to get Hawkeye and Trapper to release him. Flagg does not get their cooperation and they ridicule him for his attitude and his methods. Flagg then goes to where Perkins is being held and tells Frank, who is guarding him, to leave. He implies he may try some torture, but when Frank leaves, he tells Perkins to leave also. Then he tosses things around in the tent, turns over the cot, grabs a phone and hits himself in the head with the receiver, and rams his head into a wooden footlocker. However, Hawkeye and Trapper suspect the injuries are self-inflicted. Flagg refuses to have any drugs while being worked on. Hawk and Trap suspect that Flagg may have something else going on. Frank asks Margaret if she thinks Flagg is attractive. Hawkeye can't get Flagg off his mind, even canceling a date. Klinger comes in the Swamp to tell him and Trapper that someone is in the supply room again. They go in and find that it's Flagg trying to get the penicillin. Later, he says that he wants it to barter with the North Koreans for information. Hawkeye and Trapper say that they need it to save lives and he says that the information that he can get with it could save more lives that them. He says he is leaving with the penicillin. The next day, Henry yells at Frank for leaving Perkins. Then the MP's bring in Perkins It turns out he is a medic named Johnson from the 415th infantry, and he took the penicillin for his unit because they don't have enough. Sometimes they have to steal it, or else buy it from the States or the black market. Henry refuses to press charges and tells Johnson that next time if they have extra, he can have it. Henry has Hawkeye and Trapper 'see to' Flagg while Johnson leaves. They sneak some saltpeter in his coffee so that he has abdominal pains, then take out his appendix. Later, in post-op, Flagg asks where the penicillin is. Hawkeye and Trapper say that it is hidden, except for that which is injected into patients' rear ends...of which Flagg's is next.