Season 3 Episode 23

White Gold

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1975 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Margaret says she's examining Flagg's ribs and Hawkeye asks if they should send out for sauce. As we saw in the Season 3 episode "Adam's Ribs," Hawkeye has quite a weakness for ribs with sauce.

    • Trapper says that Flagg broke his own arm the last time he was at the 4077th. But the last time Flagg came to the 4077th before this episode was early in Season 3 ("Officer of the Day"). The broken arm incident happened much earlier, during Season 2 ("A Smattering of Intelligence"). Trapper had to deal with Flagg directly during "Officer of the Day" so you'd think he would remember that visit.

    • Notice the lock on the door to the supply hut the second time someone breaks in. One moment it is locked, the next it is open.

  • Quotes

    • Hawkeye: If we had more men like you we'd have less men like you.

    • (The three thieves overhear various comments while slipping past the tents)

      Tent One
      Mulcahy: And we all give thanks for getting us through another day...without too much trouble.

      Tent Two
      Nurse: Mmm, you're such a good kisser.
      Hawkeye: Grandfather left me his lips. He died in mid-pucker.

      Tent Three
      Trapper: You sure she's not coming back?
      Nurse: She's with Hawkeye.
      Trapper: Oh, then it should be a while. He's very thorough.

      Tent Four
      Margaret: Ah, Frank. Without you, my intellectual life would absolutely stagnate.
      Frank: How does this snap open?

    • Frank: I'm afraid I'll have to take a rain check, Margaret.
      Margaret: Well, it's early, Frank. Was it something I sai--
      Frank: Uh. I think they're fooling around with my coffee again.

    • Margaret (about Flagg): He's CIA!
      Hawkeye: I wouldn't care if he was COD.
      Trapper: Then we could refuse him.

    • Henry: I'll not have anyone tortured at the 4077th, Frank! We're a hospital!
      Frank: Well, we're also army!
      Henry: You're army! I'll bet if I cut you, you'd bleed khaki!

    • Frank (about Flagg): He ordered me to leave! He's a superior officer!
      Henry: He's a superior psycho! His head's so twisted he's got to screw his cap on!

    • Flagg: No drugs.
      Hawkeye: A little Novocaine in your head, you'll never know the difference.
      Flagg: Negative! If I lose control, you guys don'thave the clearance to hear what's in my head.
      Hawkeye: I haven't got the stomach for it.

    • (Col. Flagg comes to relieve Major Burns, who is guarding the prisoner)
      Frank: Oh, but my orders are...
      Flagg: The CIA can supersede anyone's orders!
      Frank: Except the President's, of course.
      Flagg: Give us time.

    • Colonel Flagg: My orders are to do whatever I have to to break up this penicillin ring. I have written permission to die in the attempt!

    • Klinger (on guard duty): Halt! Who goes there?
      Henry: Outta the way, Klinger.
      Klinger: I've got to have the password, Colonel.
      Henry: Bullfeathers!
      Klinger: That was last week's password.

  • Notes

    • Along with "Abyssinia, Henry", "White Gold" is the first of two M*A*S*H episodes to feature a musical score composed by jazz saxophonist Benny Golson.

    • Hilly Hicks (Perkins) would return as Cpl Moody in season 5's "Post Op" (ep 23). 

    • This marked the farewell performance of the late Stafford Repp (Sergeant Clay), who succumbed to a heart attack at age 66 on November 5, 1974, 4 months before this episode's telecast on CBS. Repp is best remembered for his role of Chief O'Hara on Batman (ABC, 1966-68).

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