Season 11 Episode 5

Who Knew?

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1982 on CBS

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  • That..... is..... so..... SAD!!!!! I cried!

    Hawkeye comes into the Swamp and tells about this girl he's been dating called Millie Carpenter. The next day in the mess tent, Colonel Potter comes in and informs everyone that Millie was killed in a land mine accident the night before. Father Mulcahy is supposed to give the eulogy. Hawkeye finds him and asks to give it instead. So then he goes all over camp trying to find out stuff about her. All Margaret could say was that she was a great nurse and that she mostly kept to herself. All the others new was the same thing and that she had a bunch of fudge. Father Mulcahy finds Millie's diary and asks that Hawkeye read it. Hawkeye finds out that Millie had deep feelings for him. At the funeral, Hawkeye also says that the reason she didn't share the fudge she had other than the few pieces, was because she had given them to the wounded soldiers in post-op. Very depressing episode.