Season 11 Episode 5

Who Knew?

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1982 on CBS

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  • This in my opinion is where we see Alan Alda not just Hawkeye. When Hawkeye get to the part when he starts talking about his love for his friends after he says past all the wisecracks we can see Alda emerge.The Character is gone & real emotion is there.

    Very good episode. We finally see that M*A*S*H is coming to an end and Alda in the eulogy starts talking about his love it seems real. This show had been on a long time and the end was in sight and you knew it. You could see that these people really liked each other. You know when Alda said Charles that the friendship was there. Not many times did we see Alda as he was so easily in character as wisecracking Hawkeye Pierce. This episode is one of my favorites its a very sentimental episode and one that makes the character of Hawkeye who has used comedy to get through the war a real person. Alda shines in this episode.