Season 1 Episode 6

Yankee Doodle Doctor

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1972 on CBS

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  • This was an episode that showed that there is still a shred of humanity in the midst of war. Also demonstrated was the outrage at war being glorified to be used as a recruitment tool.

    A lot of humanity, and a lot of keeping with the spirit that the show was written in. In the end, when the camera was on Hawkeye, he said the memorable lines, "We win some, we lose some. Guns, bombs, and anti-personnel mines have more power to take life than we have to preserve it."
    This, I believe, is the whole pivotal point in the episode. That being, no matter what goes on, and no matter what the Powers-That-Be have to say, when it comes down to it, we can go out to the fields, and do their bidding, but we still have our humanity
  • Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake and Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce proudly present...Yankee Doodle Doctor!

    This is a funny episode! I absoultely love the movie that Hawkeye makes. I love at the begining when Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar are standing there with that blanket that saids "M*A*S*H 4077th" and then when two nurses walk by they drop the blanket and start posing in their underwear...too funny! I also loved Hawkeye as Groucho and Trapper as Harpo in those two operating scenes. I especailly like the end...when Hawkeye gives that whole speech about how "no war is a movie." That speech gets me everytime! A great episode!
  • A really good early episode.

    MASH provided some really good episodes throughout their long run and this happens to be one of the better ones. Hawkeye and Trapper get upset that a movie director comes to the 4077th to make a film. The director tries to sensationalize the war and Hawkeye and Trapper destroy all the film. They convince Henry that they be allowed to create the film to send back home. It turns out the film was really funny but at the end the seriousness really hits home. This episode is one of reasons I fell in love with the show. The writers and actors blend the comedy in with the seriousness. This is a must see episode.
  • The 4077th M*A*S*H* is the scene for a movie to be shot. It starts out with a general coming into the camp. They start filming all of these things that hawkeye and trapper think are false. Hawkeye and trapper then themselves make a movie.

    I think it was pretty bad. I think Hawkeye and trapper made a fool of themselves in the movie they made. They were just jumping around and sticking their toung out! It was probobly the worst M*A*S*H* episode that I have ever seen! Positively terrible! The next time i see an episode this bad I may stop watching the series. I am not sure why anyone rated this superb. This show is not very funny. It has a good story line. But it is just Hawkeye and Trappers performence on their movie. I was very dissappointed with this episode of M*A*S*H*.
  • Hilarious Episode!

    This is probably my favorite episode of M*A*S*H. Its one of the funniest. Hawkeye pulls the ultimate prank of the entire series in this one! He along with Trapper dont like the film that a filmmaker is making about the 4077. So Hawk and Trap make their own film which includes the gang dressing in their underwear holding up a sign showing "M*A*S*H 4077th 'Best care anywhere'" Followed by Hawkeye and Trapper performing surgery on a soldier with a saw. HILARIOUS!!! The movie ends with a scene with Hawkeye sitting next to a wounded solider saying that the war isnt all fun and games and the guy only has a 50/50 chance of survival. All in all this is a great episode that im sure any M*A*S*H fan would enjoy!
  • A great episode...very funny....!

    This episode takes a shot at the many propaganda films that were done by the Army in World War II and the Korean war eras. When an army man shows up to shoot a film that paints a glowing picture of the bloody conflict, Hawkeye decides to secretly sabotage the film with the aid of Trapper. The army man leaves in a huff and Hawkeye, noticing that the camera man and the film, decideds to make a movie based on what HE thinks should be in the film. When the movie is shown to the outfit, it typifies what the show is: moments of somber pause wrapped around scenes of pure hilarity that are lifted from the popular Marx Brothers movies.

    A very good episode to watch!
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