Season 8 Episode 15

Yessir, That's Our Baby

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hawkeye, BJ, and Charles wake up one morning to hear a baby crying. Charles finds a baby girl left outside the door of the SWAMP with a note from the mother. The note says that the baby was fathered by an American soldier and the mother can no longer take care of her. The entire camp soon becomes very attached to the baby.

Later, Col. Potter asks Father Mulcahy if they can get the baby into a local orphanage. Father Mulcahy says that won't be a problem, but when he finds out the baby was fathered by an American soldier, he says it won't help her much. He explains that mixed-raced children are treated very cruely by pure-blooded Koreans, and that there have been cases of emasculation and outright murder. Hawkeye asks if there is anyone who can help the baby, and Father Mulcahy says there is only one hope: sanctuary in a catholic mission. The monks there would raise and educate her, and may be able to get her out of Korea when she is old enough. But the rest of the camp dosen't consider that an acceptable life for the baby, and insist on finding a way to get her to America.

Hawkeye and BJ are the first to try to find a solution. They go to the Red Cross, but Ms. Harper, the Red Cross representative they talk to, says there is nothing they can do because they aren't responsible for mixed-raced children. They then go the the US Army, talking to Major Spector, the A.G.'s top aide. While at first he appears to be helping them, his assistance turn out to be useless. He says the US Army is not responsible for the mixed-raced children of their soldiers, and then insults them by asking if one of them is the father. This prompts BJ to threaten to break every bone in his body.

That night, Col. Potter is furious at Hawkeye and BJ. Apparently, BJ's threat terrified Spector and got them in a lot of trouble. Potter takes BJ off the job and decides to go with Hawkeye to the next meeting. The next day, Hawkeye and Col. Potter go to talk to a South Korean government official named Chung Ho Kim. While he sympathizes with them, he says this is not a matter for his government to deal with. He then explains the reason behind the horrible treatment of mixed-raced children in Korea, and explains that the United States shares these ideas; the other countries involved in the Korean conflict accept responsibility for the mixed-raced children of their soldiers, but the United States ignores them. This stuns both Potter and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye decides to make one last try. He and Winchester go to Tokyo to talk to a US Government offical named Prescott. After blowing them off several times to deal with an unimportant diplomatic dinner, Prescott finally tells them "no"; US immigration policy won't allow an unattended child to go to America. Charles tries to bring alternatives up, but Prescott refuses to listen. In the end, this enrages Charles so much that he physically attacks Prescott, forcing Hawkeye to restrain him.

Left with no other alternatives now that all their attempts have failed, the camp reluctantly decides to leave the baby at a catholic mission. Hawkeye, BJ, Winchester and Father Mulcahy are the ones who drop her off. They drive up to the monastery and approach a revolving cradle, knowing they have to leave the baby there because the monks won't accept her if they personally hand her to them. After passing the baby around to everyone so they can say they're goodbyes, Hawkeye practically begs the baby to be happy and puts her in the cradle. He rings a bell to alert the monks, and they all leave.

The last scene is in the OR, where Hawkeye talks about the affect the baby had on the camp. In the end, he says whereever they go, they'll all carry a bit of the baby with them.
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