Season 8 Episode 15

Yessir, That's Our Baby

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Mulcahy: Is this child of mixed parents?
      Hawkeye: All we know is that there was one of each. Is that mixed enough?
      Margaret: Her father's an American and her mother's Korean.
      Mulcahy: I was afraid of that.
      Hawkeye: (confused) What's the problem? We want to get her into an orphanage, not a country club.
      Mulcahy: Uh, the orphanage will take her, of course, but that won't help her much. The problems faced by children of American soldiers and Korean women are very serious. When the people of the villages find out about them, the lives of the children and mothers become a horror. They're outcasts. Little boys have been emasculated, and little girls killed outright.
      Margaret: (horrified) MY GOD!
      Mulcahy: Even in the orphanage, the other Korean children will be very cruel to her. And when she grows up, she'll be ostracized by every segment of korean society. THIS CHILD HAS NO FUTURE HERE, NONE AT ALL! She'll end up a virtual slave, or worse.
      Hawkeye: There must be somebody who can help this kid.
      Father Mulcahy: I'm afraid not. Her only hope, and that's slim at best, would be sanctuary in one of the old Catholic missions.
      Hawkeye: We'll take it! Slim is better than none.
      Margaret: What do we do? Where are these places?
      Father Mulcahy: Well, there's one not too far off. Armies for centuries have fought around it, left it untouched. The monks will keep her cloistered, educate her, and in fifteen or twenty years, working with their other monasteries abroad, perhaps they can get her out of Korea.
      (Hawkeye, Margaret and Col. Potter look appalled)
      Col. Potter: With all due respect, Father, that doesn't sound like much of a life.
      Father Mulcahy: It isn't. But its the best we can do.
      Hawkeye: (dismissively) No its not. She's half American. We'll send her to America and get her a room at the Statue of Liberty.