Season 8 Episode 15

Yessir, That's Our Baby

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Hawkeye and Charles are trying to get Prescott, a US Government offical, to send a baby Amer-Asian girl to the US)
      Prescott: Well, the answer's no.
      Hawkeye: NO?! Just like that, no?
      Charles: Pierce, please. Uh, Mr. Prescott, surely you will agree that this is not a decision that is to be made in haste. There must be some discussion.
      Prescott: (dismissively) Actually, none whatsoever. We cannot admit an unattended juvenile with no resident relatives to the States. And no application for such admission can be processed without authority from a blood relative in the child's country of origin.
      Hawkeye: (angry) Look, Prescott, this unattended juvenile that you're so blithely dismissing could conceivably be murdered in the name of racial purity! You got space on you application for that?!
      Charles: Pierce, I'm handling this, 'member?
      Prescott: There is nothing to handle. The Immigration and Naturalization Service by statute has strict quota restrictions. My hands are tied.
      Hawkeye: Now, there's an idea.
      Charles: Uh, just a moment. Uh, Mr. Prescott, there are always alternatives.
      Prescott: Not in this case, Major.
      Charles: Mr. Prescott, I have friends of considerable influence. Congressmen...
      Prescott: Gentlemen, you are wasting my time.
      Charles: Senators...
      Prescott: Please believe me, this is departmental policy.
      Charles: Cabinet members...
      Prescott: There can be no immigration under the circumstances you have set forth.
      Charles: Captains of industry...
      Prescott: (dismissively) Good day.
      Charles: (outraged) There is nothing good about it, Mr. Prescott! We are discussing a little girl, a human being who is facing a life of misery! An issue infinitely more important than you and your stupid seating arrangements!
      Hawkeye: Charles...
      Charles: Shut up, Pierce!
      (Prescott's desk phone rings and Charles grabs it before Prescott can answer)
      Charles: (into the phone) Mr. Prescott is in conference! Let them eat out! (he hangs up)
      Prescott: (flabbergasted) How dare you!
      Charles: You smarmy bureaucratic microbe. You're going to that dinner breathing through your fly!
      (Charles lunges at a terrified Prescott, causing Hawkeye to restrain him)
      Hawkeye: Run for your life, Prescott! Its a wild boar!

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