Season 8 Episode 15

Yessir, That's Our Baby

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Ms. Harper: There is nothing the Red Cross can do. Our areas of responsibility...
      Hawkeye and BJ: Are very specific.
      BJ: We know that, Ms. Harper. You folks do a barrel of good for GIs, refugees...
      Hawkeye: God knows we appreciate all the blood you send us. Our patients can't get enough of it. But why stop there? Why don't you do something about the Amer-Asian babies? There are more of them every day.
      Ms. Harper: It's out of our hands. We have enough trouble dealing with what we're responsible for. And while I agree that this is serious...
      Hawkeye: Oh, teriffic. A kid's entire life is at stake, and you agree it's serious.
      Ms. Harper: Sarcasm isn't going to help, Captain.
      BJ: (bitterly) Then maybe we better leave, Hawk. All I got left is sarcasm.