Season 1 Episode 10

Death from the Sky

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Bruce's Lifter mask burns out as a result of being used to prevent a the transport plane from crashing, howeverm it is used again, less than an hour later, to prevent Fiurecracker from plunging into the ocean.

  • Quotes

    • Miles Mayhem: Those planes are only the beginning, watch. (Switches on a monitor that shows a comet in space) Imagine the destructive force of a piece of that comet, falling to Earth on target i chose.
      Sly Rax: That could smash a whole city!
      Cliff Dagger: Bet they'd pay anything to keep that rock off their doorsteps.
      Miles Mayhem: They will pay dearly. Once we capture the army's new magnetic power-booster, the increased power of our tractor-beam will make that comet the most destructive weapon in history.

    • Scott Trakker: Can i help this time, Dad? Please? Please, Dad, can i?
      Matt Trakker: Looks like you got your own mission, son, stop that car before it breaks up the entire kitchen.

    • PNA President: Must be a nightmare, i do not believe this!
      Miles Mayhem: (Via a radio) Believe it or not, it's real, Mr President! This has only been a small demonstration of my power.
      PNA President: Who are you?
      Miles Mayhem: A friend, who can quickly become your enemy if my demands are not met. 25 million dollars in gold, to be delivered at once to the bank of Switzerland.
      PNA President: 25 million? And if we don't?
      Miles Mayhem: Your free world will pay dearly, and you won't land so softly next time!

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