Season 1 Episode 6

Dinosaur Boy

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1985 on
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Dinosaur Boy
Location: Some Jungle
VENOM kidnaps a young lizard creature known as a "dinosauroid". The lizards are revered to as gods by the natives in the jungle, and the kidnapping threatens a war between two tribes. In a money-making scheme, VENOM intend to sell the creature's anti-bodies to a greedy billionaire because it is believed that they will allow immortality to humans.moreless

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    Brian George

    Brian George


    Brendan McKane

    Brendan McKane

    Alex/Floyd/Miles/Jacques/Nevada/Dr. Clay

    Sharon Noble

    Sharon Noble


    Brennan Thicke

    Brennan Thicke

    Scott Trakker

    Mark Halloran

    Mark Halloran


    Graeme McKenna

    Graeme McKenna


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      • Bruce Sato: When one lives in a new age, one must not forget the advantage of the old.
        Dusty Hayes: Would you mind unscrambling those eggs for us?
        Matt Trakker: He's got a point, Dusty. The primitive instincts of the dinosauroid are probably far better than our modern technology.
        (Dusty looks at Matt blankly)
        Matt Trakker: In other words, if we want to find the young dinosauroid, we have to follow the father.
        Dusty Hayes: (clicks his fingers) I see!

      • Matt Trakker: What are these lizard gods meant to be?
        Alex Sector: Tall tales and legends, i always thought. Whatever they are, the kidnapping is threatening war between the tribes.
        Matt Trakker: They're blaming each other for the theft?
        Alex Sector: Right-o, they think it's some sort of power play.
        Matt Trakker: It probably is, for VENOM!

      • (Mayhem uses his Viper mask to clear away the thick jungle, the two tribe members stare in shock)
        Tribe Member: You have power of the gods!
        (The VENOM agents laugh)

      • Matt Trakker: What's the one thing money can't buy?
        Alex Sector: A longer life?
        Matt Trakker: Right. Doesn't the legend say these creatures live hundreds of years?
        Alex Sector: And if a human was injected with dinosauroid anti-bodies, he might live a few-hundred extra years.

      • Alex Sector: Ludwig von Ryan.
        Dusty Hayes: Who's that?
        Matt Trakker: He's a billionaire who made his money dishonestly
        Gloria Baker: Sounds like good company for VENOM.

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