Season 1 Episode 35

In Dutch

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1985 on

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  • The Dutch dykes are made of solid concrete, Wellick wants to become vice president or else he'll destroy all dykes. And who lives in the Catshuis? Oh yes! The president, huh?

    When M.A.S.K. was being aired in the Netherlands they started the series with this episode. With pride! It would be better if it was left on the shelf. If only they did some more research about the Netherlands. Now this episode is complete nonsense to every Dutch person who has seen it.
    The dykes aren't built as shown here. Oh yes, concrete is being used but not everywhere. And there are so much dykes in Holland, Mayhem wouldn't know where to start with.
    And what about the president? We HAVE no president! Holland is a constitutional monarchy. And we just have a prime minister, leading fourteen other ministers.

    So what can I say? The only way the producers can get away with this is telling it's just fiction. But it gives me a bad taste in my mouth that the location is called "the Netherlands".
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