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  • M.A.S.K.E.D Crusaders

    M.A.S.K is another lost gem of the 80s', whilst pretty generic in that it did'nt always have a world-shaking episode every now and then, it was an excellent, generic action espinauge cartoon, some would say the greatest generic cartoon period. Nothing was flat out "ridiuclous" about this, even T-Bob was reasonably sane. The episodes were well-written (one of the greatest being "Assault on Liberty", in which VENOM leads MASK on a wild goose chase for the captured statue of liberty, only it's revealed it never left Liberty Island, another series classic is "The Roteks", in which cyberetic roaches devour the M.A.S.K veichles)

    The first season is the one most fondly remembered, but the racing season often gets looked over, which is quite sad really, I may not be a big fan of it myself, but it carries two very distinct points, the first episode which acknowledges Matt and Miles Mayhems' past together (they both helped found M.A.S.K), and
    VENOM flunkie Vanessa Warfield became the secondary commander of the organisation, and in some cases, BECAME the leader for several episodes at a time, Miles (and his borhter, Max)became more involved in Tracker episodes

    Either season is underated, and therfore M.A.S.K remains a classic appreiciated by few, scolded by idiots, (Thats' YOU Matthew Williams), and adored by people with common sense and constructive reasons.