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  • Underrated mid-1980s cartoon that got lost amid some of the more popular animated series of the time.

    M.A.S.K. was a really cool mid-80s cartoon that probably suffered from the competition of Transformers, G.I. Joe, Thundercats, etc. It certainly had major similarities to those shows, but they all were similar to each other at some point. One of the best things I will always remember about M.A.S.K. was its music - it had hands-down the best music and theme song of all the major 80s cartoons. It was very synthesizer-heavy and sometimes sounded like music you would hear in a movie, not a cartoon.

    M.A.S.K., or Mobilized Armored Strike Kommand, is the secret organization run by Matt Trakker that seeks to stop the bad guys known as VENOM and led by Miles Mayhem from doing whatever naughty deeds they are up to. The agents in both M.A.S.K. and VENOM have these specialized masks that can do all sorts of tricks and attacks. Sometimes they fight each other using their masks, but more often than not they fight using their own specialized vehicles. Both M.A.S.K and VENOM's agents all have a primary vehicle that can transform into a secondary vehicle, like a helicopter turning into a jet, or a motorcycle turning into a helicopter.

    Unlike some other cartoons, the good guys in M.A.S.K. don't make a primary career out of their secrent agent statuses or spend all their time together. Instead, their roles in M.A.S.K. are more like always on-call part-time jobs. They each live their separate civilian lives across the country and show up for duty whenever called upon by Matt Trakker through their special wristwatches.

    Similar to G.I. Joe, it usually had some sort of brief moral or safety message aimed at kids at the end of each episode, involving Matt's son Scott and his robot guardian/friend T-Bob. This series certainly had the coolest vehicles and the best music of all the 80s cartoons, plus the toys were awesome. Unfortunately its characters weren't as interesting or memorable as the other cartoons, and seemed to rely too much on the masks and vehicles. But it was still fun to watch.
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