Season 1 Episode 41

Stop Motion

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1985 on
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Stop Motion
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Gloria is racing in the Indy 500 when all of the TV stations, cars on the racing track and other electronic devices around the stadium stop functioning. V.E.N.O.M. is giving a test run of their Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Device. Their main objective is to raid the vault of the International Safe Corporation to obtain a book that holds combinations to every safe and bank vault in America.moreless

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    Brian George

    Brian George


    Brendan McKane

    Brendan McKane

    Alex/Floyd/Miles/Jacques/Nevada/Dr. Clay

    Sharon Noble

    Sharon Noble


    Brennan Thicke

    Brennan Thicke

    Scott Trakker

    Mark Halloran

    Mark Halloran


    Graeme McKenna

    Graeme McKenna


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      • Rax: This is it, every safe and bank vault combination in America (Hands the book to Dagger) Think you can hold onto this without losing it?
        Dagger: Maybe you'd like Torch here to warm things up for you a bit, maybe, huh?
        Rax: Maybe you'd like to try it after we get Mayhem his book!

      • Matt: Now things are beginning to make sense.
        Scott: What are you talking about?
        Matt: The machine you saw attached to the blimp obviously has the same kind of effect as an EMP.
        T-Bob: EMP? You mean it's Emergency Mayhem Paraphernalia?
        Matt: (laughs) Sorry, T-Bob. EMP means Electromagnetic Pulse.
        T-Bob: Oh, i know all about pulses, mine's been racing all afternoon!
        Gloria: (laughs) Not that kind of pulse, T-Bob!

      • (Thunderhawk approaches the blimp as Mayhem frantically tries to work the EMP device)
        Mayhem: That better stop him, we're out of power!
        Matt: Delusions of grandeur, Mayhem. I'm gonna have to burst your balloon!

      • Rax: Going somewhere? Stiletto, on! (Two security guards are pinned to the wall) I like playing pin the guard to the building.
        Dagger: I hope you guys don't mind hanging out for a while!

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