Season 1 Episode 1

The Deathstone

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1985 on



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    • Dusty Hayes: Excuse me, which way did he go? (Two beach-goers point out Rax's direction) Thank you kindly!(Converts Gator and pursues Rax.)

    • Scott Trakker: Hey, anyone want a meteor? Taa-daa! It was stashed in the truck me and T-Bob took.
      Matt Trakker: I don't know whether to hug you or spank you!

    • Miles Mayhem: MASK may have won the battle, but the war goes on. Next time, the victroy will be mine!

    • Dusty Hayes: (After freezing Rax and an unknown man) When i say freeze, i mean freeze!

    • Scott Trakker: You know how to drive a truck?
      T-Bob: er.. well... er..
      Scott Trakker: Great, you drive!

    • T-Bob:(Being interrogated by two VENOM foot-soldiers) MASK? No, i don't know anyone named MASK, i used to know somebody named Marvin but he doesn't live around here.

    • Bruce Sato: Matt, this is Bruce. Regarding the spacecraft, if a fish flies, look not for a fish but a bird inside.
      Buddy Hawks: There he goes again, Matt. Not making any sense.
      Matt Trakker: Makes plenty of sense, Buddy. VENOM obviously used their helicopter inside a phoney UFO shell, way to go, Bruce!

    • Sly Rax: No one can survive that crash. Too bad, she was a good driver.
      Cliff Dagger: But not a good diver! (Laughs)

    • Cliff Dagger: You got company coming, Rax, Get out the welcome mat!
      (Rax spots Professor Stevens escaping from a ridge)
      Sly Rax: No sweat, you can clean up when the party's over!

    • Scientist: Oh no, the meteor's gone!
      Cliff Dagger: Oh yes, and you've seen way too much! Gimme that camera, Mister! (Pulls off the scientist's helmet, who is revealed to be a woman) Huh?
      Scientist: That's Mrs!

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