Season 1 Episode 11

The Magma Mole

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1985 on



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    • Scott Trakker: These are seismographs, T-Bob. They detect earthquakes, Japan has little earthquakes all the time.
      T-Bob: What?! First the place springs a leak, and now you tell me this? Why'd we ever come to this country?
      Scott Trakker: Shhh, Dad said we could only watch if we don't get in the way.
      T-Bob: I'll be happy to get out of the way, TAKE ME HOME!

    • Matt Trakker: This is really getting steep, where's Mayhem think he's going, China?

    • Matt Trakker: Since when have snakes become moles? So, what brings VENOM to Japan?

    • Bruce Sato: This really brings back memories for me, Matt. My ancestors lived in this part of Japan for over fifteen-hundred years.
      Matt Trakker: Im sure they wouldn't be pleased to know VENOM agents have been sighted in this area.

    • Miles Mayhem: Say goodbye to your fearless leader, fools! He's on his way to the centre of the earth!

    • Brad Turner I'll keep Switchblade busy, Matt. You go after the Mole.
      Matt Trakker: Watch yourself, Brad. She can outfly you in that thing.
      Brad Turner: Outfly me? Get serious!

    • Brad Turner: It figures, I finally get to see Japan and it's from underneath!

    • Alex Sector: Gloria, don't! You can't possibly repel something that big!
      Gloria Baker: You better hope I can!

    • Matt Trakker: Don't try it, Buddy, Penetrator doesn't have nearly enough power to go through that much rock.
      Buddy Hawks: You're gonna come up here and stop me?

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