Season 1 Episode 8

The Roteks

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • In one scene Matt is in his Rhino gear even though he is wearing his Thunderhawk gear throughout the rest of it..

  • Quotes

    • Miles Mayhem: Run!
      Sly Rax: You mean bug out.

    • Matt Trakker: Hondo, how's Bruce doing with Thunderhawk?
      Hondo Maclean: Well, Matt, he's ever gonna get it to fly, or blow us all up.

    • Matt Trakker: (Looks up at an out-of control Switchblade) Looks like i really bugged Mayhem!

    • Miles Mayhem: (Laughs) Nevertheless, civillisation itself depends on metal. Any country who dares oppose us will be instantly sent back to the stone-age.
      Sly Rax: I STILL hate them bugs!

    • Sly Rax: I hate them bugs, it aint natural!
      Cliff Dagger: I think the Roteks give old cold-blooded Rax the creepy-crawlies!
      Sly Rax: Shut up, Dagger!

    • Matt Trakker: First one to find a Rotek wins a brass ring, if the Rotek doesn't eat the ring first!

    • Brad Turner: You kidding me? You called us together to go chasing bugs?
      Matt Trakker: The Roteks aren't just bugs, they were developed as a military weapon. Something that could be released to destroy enemy equipment, this is no joke.
      Alex Sector: I should say not, that's why we're bringing these plastic boxes along to contain them.
      Brad Turner: Yeah, well you're the animal nut, Alex, not me!

    • Bruce Sato: When the small are many, they are stronger than the strong.
      Hondo Maclean: Hey, Bruce, i almost remembered. (Shrugs) Must be something wrong with me!

    • Matt Trakker: Bruce, what can you put together with the equipment we've got left?
      Bruce Sato: Pogo-stick?
      Matt Trakker: Come on, i need Thunderhawk, Bruce! You can do it!

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