Season 1 Episode 15

The Sceptre of Rajim

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1985 on
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The Sceptre of Rajim
Location: India
VENOM are after the sceptre of Rajim. They want the sceptre because of its ability to neutralize radiation. The sceptre belongs to the underground city of Rajim, who's inhabitants are afraid to leave for fear of exposing they're secret society. VENOM succeed in stealing the sceptre, but when MASK attempt to stop them, Matt is forced to work alone to get the sceptre back.moreless

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    Brian George

    Brian George


    Brendan McKane

    Brendan McKane

    Alex/Floyd/Miles/Jacques/Nevada/Dr. Clay

    Sharon Noble

    Sharon Noble


    Brennan Thicke

    Brennan Thicke

    Scott Trakker

    Mark Halloran

    Mark Halloran


    Graeme McKenna

    Graeme McKenna


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      • Bruce Sato: The plight of modern man is controlled by the touch of his past.

      • Brad Turner: What is this place?
        Bruce Sato: You have found a lost city that was never really lost.
        Brad Turner: Come on, Bruce, translate.
        Alex Sector: What Bruce means is that the people of the lost city of Rajim choose to lose themselves here. This hidden society has existed for hundreds of years, here they can enjoy peace and serenity without intrusion from the outside world.
        Brad Turner: You mean all those people who disappeared are here, and don't want to leave?
        (Alex nods)
        Brad Turner: (Looks at one of the tigers) It's not exactly my idea of a vacation!

      • (Matt and Brad encounter a small group of tigers who begin to guard them)
        Matt: I know they want to take us somewhere, but something's different. It's.. as if they've been commanded to guard us.
        Brad: Well, let's hope that's all they do. I'm not about to become tiger chow!
        Alex: That depends entirely on you, Brad.

      • Mayhem: So, MASK has taken up cave-exploring. Why not permanently! (Fires a missile at a mountain that causes a cave-in, trapping Bruce and Alex inside)

      • Vanessa: (Evil look on her face) Hmmm, i thought all the natives were scared of this area, it'll be fun scaring them! (Laughs evily)

      • Dagger: How much longer do we have to sit out here? (Yawns)
        (Two blips appear on Jackhammer's radar)
        Vanessa: Not long, we've got visitors!
        Dagger: Mayhem doesn't want anyone in this area, except us. Let's get em!

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