Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1985 on



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    • Matt Trakker: (After VENOM tried to stop MASK in vain) As John Paul Jones would say, "we've not yet begun to fight."

    • Matt Trakker: No doubt about it, VENOM's after the laser cannon.
      Dusty Hayes: Hoo-whee! With a sidearm like that, those desperados could do a lot of damage.
      Alex Sector: And if they're as punctual as Big Ben, they've already got it.

    • Soldier: One step closer and we'll open fire.
      Cliff Dagger: Did you say fire? Torch, on!

    • (VENOM are quickly surrounded by MASK)
      Vanessa Warfield: We can't hold them!
      Miles Mayhem: That's what you think! Everyone, attack those vehicles at once!
      (The hypnotised hostages surround the MASK vehicles)

    • (The laser cannon fires at the oil-fields but no explosion occurs)
      Hondo Maclean: I don't get it, no explosion.
      Matt Trakker: Of course not, i used my Spectrum mask to change the laser's energy to ordinary sunlight.
      Alex Sector: Then all VENOM did was give some lucky Texans a brighter day!
      (The MASK agents laugh)

    • Vanessa Warfield: (Battling Thunderhawk) I'm gonna run you into the ground, mister!

    • Matt Trakker: Dusty, mind if I borrow Gator and your co-pilot?
      Dusty Hayes: Okay by me but you better ask the lady!
      Gloria Baker: Come on, lets go swimming.

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