Masked Rider

FOX (ended 1996)


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  • Season 2 Episode 13: Detention

  • The where Dex stands on the desk and shouts power to the pupil we were suppose to repeat just that, but started saying " YEAAAHHH!" in between the chants and had the room rolling. The director told me once to look right in the camera as say it. I eventually saw it and laughed my ass off. They were all great to work with. TJ Roberts was really down to earth and a good guy. The rest of the cast and crew were just as cool. It was like a big family. I had previously tried out for Bubba Lamarscavitch(however the hell you spell it) but blew the audition. I wanted that damn part!But Venom was good. I add libbed alot of lines and did some looping afterwards. That was my last first and only job as an actor as far as film/tv goes.