Master Blasters

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Jul 27, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • I like the creative solutions to incredible technical challenges. Not necessarily practical problems but challenges just the same.

    Since my wife and I like shows liked Orange County Choppers, Junk Yard Wars, Smash Lab, Myth Busters etc.. Master Blasters was another show we just had to check out. We both found the technical challenges in the compressed time frame to be very impressive. What I like a lot is the interaction between Dan, his son and the team is much better than the other shows especially the Orange County team. I also feel that the opposing teams that are selected are in the same class. The team spirit is more what it should be ususally on both teams. Since I am a Manufacturing Equipment Design Engineer I like the design on the fly approach, which is something I am required to do more that I would like. On my wall in my office is a quote from Dan during the rocket powered missle firing car episode and goes something like this " When you are in a rush to build something, all you end up with is something that could have been done better." Well said Dan and keep the great shows coming.
  • The only thing that would make this show better was if i was good enough to be on there to help out myself. I would be very happy to have all the brain power to be able to have such great ideas and be able to watch the differnt objects fly wow great work!

    Wow i do enjoy the show master blasters. I am a little bit of a rocketer myself but not to the level these guys are.The way these guys master blasters and the other teams can fabracate the differnt items to fly and try for a safe recover is awsome! I am haveing a hard time decideing which is my favorite epesode they are all so good each one bring some new adventure new problems new victorys. I find the show entertaining from beginning to end you never know what will be bringing the suite cases in or should i say how they will come in. Very creative thought goes in to all of these great ideas folks!Keep up the great work!
  • Too many Jerks

    After watching the guys berate Naureen, I've decided to change the channel! We get enough belligerence watching COPS! In fact after watching the show I wanted to come punch someone in the nose! Tim is a jerk! Someone needs to take him outback and teach him some manners, and yes I would be happy to volunteer! You could take all the testosterone on your show and launch your stupid rockets too the moon! oh wait maybe not since most of your guys are freaking GAY Is that 100 words yet? I am sure you will censor this post and delete my account but hell I don't care! I just wanted to tell Tim he's a punk!

  • Master Blasters

    Why did the show only make six episodes? It was a very interesting and entertaining piece of work. I just do not understand and would like a good explaination. It brought a little real science into the lives of the ordinary public. I do not know if there was a problem with the cast or the production staff, or even the ratings, but they did an injustice by discontinuing this effort. Six episodes is hardly long enough to find out how a show will play out. It is my opinion that it was not given a far shake as far as most television production goes. Please, there are a lot less interesting thing on television that have made way more then six episodes, so please, if at all, possible bring back the Master Blasters. Thank you!!
  • watching things shoot up into the air by rockets was a blast. Little did i know how much i would enjoy this show. the entire format of the show is great leading up to the blast off..i love it

    I love master blasters and little did i know just how much i would enjoy watching things being blasted into space by rockets. The different teams are great and i love the format of the show leading up to the blast off. My favorite episode was dorothy\'s house..that was a fun episode. I would like to know when they will be coming back as i am now a huge fan and have turned others onto it as well and we are all waiting for more. I knew there were people out there who were interested in rocket propulsion but never thought i would be one of them. We want more master blasters.
  • Master Blasters is a very interesting show that brings extreme home-made rocketry to a cool level. I reccomend it to everyone.

    Master Blasters is a very interesting show that brings extreme home-made rocketry to a cool level. It is a competition-based show that features two teams fighting to meet special critia to win that week. The losing team ends having to do something silly at the end of the show.
    I reccomend this show.

  • I like the idea of launching large, abusrd objects with large, absurd rockets. The posing and forced "bad blood" between the teams is unbelievable and contrived. I think the show forces too much tension between the teams.

    I like the idea of launching large, abusrd objects with large, absurd rockets. The two shows I have seen, Oz & Mini Cooper, showed creativity in the challenges and rocket designs.

    Who didn't like watching a Mini Cooper sprial into the ground under rocket power?

    The posing and forced "bad blood" between the teams is unbelievable. It seems to me that the model rocket community is a very friendly group, for the most part. Normally, these folks would not be so hostile to each other. I think the show forces too much tension between the teams.

    The so-called side bets are a lame attempt at forcing more conflict.

    I would enjoy the show more if I could learn more about the teams' designs and how they build their rockets. The show seems to gloss over these areas.

    In the end, I will continue to watch the show as long as the launches entertain me. There is a lot of room for improvement, though.