Master Blasters

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Jul 27, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • I like the creative solutions to incredible technical challenges. Not necessarily practical problems but challenges just the same.

    Since my wife and I like shows liked Orange County Choppers, Junk Yard Wars, Smash Lab, Myth Busters etc.. Master Blasters was another show we just had to check out. We both found the technical challenges in the compressed time frame to be very impressive. What I like a lot is the interaction between Dan, his son and the team is much better than the other shows especially the Orange County team. I also feel that the opposing teams that are selected are in the same class. The team spirit is more what it should be ususally on both teams. Since I am a Manufacturing Equipment Design Engineer I like the design on the fly approach, which is something I am required to do more that I would like. On my wall in my office is a quote from Dan during the rocket powered missle firing car episode and goes something like this " When you are in a rush to build something, all you end up with is something that could have been done better." Well said Dan and keep the great shows coming.