Master of Champions

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode #5

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 20, 2006 on ABC

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  • This episode was fun to watch and very unique. I loved the DDR, flame juggler. The show was a great in my opinian.

    Well to start off, they had the \\\'pizza tossers VS pizza spinners\\\'. The first team was made up of 7 people. The leader of the group was Tony. They gave an awesome performance. One of the men came out on a unicycle, spinning the pizza crust. They went with an Italian theme. 3 were in Red, 3 in white and the man on the unicycle was wearing green. They made 3 drops total.

    Their competition was a group of 3 younger men. They went with a \\\'break dancing\\\' theme. They all wore black and did break dancing moves while spinning the pizza crusts. The had unique signiture moves, uncluding the human table where One guy balances on another with his hands and the thrid spins the pizza over them. Unfortuntly, they made 4 drops, and Tony\\\'s team made the win.

    The second competition was for unique-ness. The first performance was Billy Matsumoto, who did a multi-task \\\'flaming dance.\\\' he played the arcade game Dance Dance Revolution, while juggling with fire. He did an great performance, but missed a few steps on the game. He was trying to beat his record of 250 combo. But, missed by just one! The Panel of Campions loved this one.

    Agianst him, was a rope walker. He walked a very small rope (I couldn\\\'t remember the size exactly) He almost fell one at one moment, but made it through perfectly. He did one amazing trick, while on the rope. He did a backflip, while holding a pole, and balancing it on his chest. But the votes from the audience was against him.
    79% to 21%, Billy took the win.

    The last performance were two groups of boys, with Remote control home-made planes. Both teams did good tricks, but the audience, and the judges didn\\\'t like it very much.

    But in the end Bill Matsumoto was the winner and got to put his name in the Wall of Champions.