Master of Champions

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • Good show....Bring it back!!!!

    Master of Champions was a great show. It was like a big talent contest. The contestants are all the best in their fields, and have tremendous talent. This show had alot of potential, yet the channel that hosted it decided that it wasnt good enough.
    I think that it would have been better had they made more episodes, used more contestants, and had different judges. On the positive side, the show did have some really cool people. For example on one episode they hosted a guy that played DDR while juggling flaming sticks.
    All in all this show still has potential.....just give it a achance.
  • UPDATE to the Lost episode of MASTER OF CHAMPIONS

    When will ABC NETWORK decide to air the sixth episode of this series?? About all I know about this unaired sixth episode is that it contains a basketball team known as the HARLEM WIZARDS doing basketball stunts. It may also have contained a paintball challenge where paintball shooters use paintballs to make art. Anyone else know what else was featured in this \\\"unaired episode\\\" or WHEN will it be aired?

    ABC is listing the next episode of MASTER of CHAMPIONS as To Be Announced and replacing it with GREY\\\'s ANATOMY even though MASTER is getting much better ratings than their new reality show \\\"THE ONE.\\\"

    UPDATE: This episode that ABC chose not to air appears to include Chad Lundquist who breaks a record in his "extreme wheelchair" in addition to a couple of basketball teams doing stunts such as dunking a basketball and then landing in the car and driving away in the car.

    I can understand ABC canceling THE ONE singing competition after 2 weeks because of really low ratings and with several weeks left to go before they crown a winner. But with just ONE episode remaining of MASTER of CHAMPIONS why couldn't ABC just show this final episode and give it at least a respectable ending that this show deserves?
  • It's a talent show, what not to like?

    This is a interesting show, as they match people with odd talents against each other in wild activities. The talents are amazing, like any talent show, and never seem to dissapoint me. The judges aren't really that good at their job, which gets me annoyed sometimes. So far this show has a lot to offer, and hopfully more unique acts are on the way.