Master of Martial Hearts



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  • Season 1
    • Flames
      Episode 5
      Aya succeeds in reaching the final round of the tournament, but she'll have to defeat a clairvoyant opponent in order to learn the horrifying truth behind the Platonic Heart.
    • In her semi-final match, Aya ditches her tattered schoolgirl uniform in favor of a kitty-themed maid costume. Her new look drives the crowd wild, but Aya only cares about punishing her opponent!
    • Aya proves she can hold her own in a poolside battle with a naughty policewoman. Later, she takes on three sexy sisters simultaneously before meeting the mystery man behind this deadly tournament.
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      Aya's next match pits her against a curvy chemistry teacher with all the right moves. Neither fighter wants to mess up their opponent's pretty face, but in this tournament, the penalty for losing is death!
    • Aya is a lethal knockout with a heart of gold and fists of fury. After breaking up a catfight between two scantily-clad brawlers, she finds herself involved in a clandestine martial arts tournament!