MasterChef Australia

Season 1 Episode 15

Episode 15: Banquet Wars

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM May 13, 2009 on Network Ten

Episode Recap

The contestants found a letter in the house that said Brent was to be a team captain and had to nominate the other captain. He chose Geni because he hoped her "big personality" would get in the way of her organisational skills.

The other contestants joked that there was a lot of testosterone in the blue team but Brent said later he had just picked the "strongest males" first.

The team challenge took place at Vaucluse Yacht Club where the two teams had to prepare a banquet for ten people, including one special guest who would be judging them on their food and presentation, as well as the general ambience of their banquet.

The teams had $500 each to spend and they rushed around, some shopping for food and others collecting equipment from the MasterChef kitchen.

The blue team decided to have a theme to their feast; "Welcome to the Captain's Table", with Trevor donning his submariner's uniform. Michelle complained privately that as captain, Brent was fired up and cutting people off when they tried to make suggestions.

The guest judge was international chef Curtis Stone. He chose to sit down at the blue team's banquet first. Curtis noted that the blues hadn't made their own mayonnaise and the lobster, which they had bought already cooked, was a bit tasteless.

Curtis also noticed that Brent was nervous and tended to dominate the conversation. The guest judge also said the blues weren't very relaxed and kept getting up to rush around. He did think, however, the snapper that Lucas cooked was delicious and he loved Kate's Aussie Mess – her own dessert invention.

At the red team's banquet, Curtis liked Poh's decorations and the table setting. He also said the red team were calm and that the atmosphere was relaxed. He approved of their homemade mayo but said the salmon was a bit overcooked.

As a chef that cares about the seasonality of produce, Curtis was appalled that the plate of Mediterranean grilled vegetables that Andre had prepared featured vegetables particular to every season of the year. He told the red team they should cook what's in season and what tastes good.

Geni had made George's olive oil chocolate mousse, which Curtis said was delicious, especially served as it was with berries.

Curtis told Gary he liked that the blue team went with a theme but mentioned the lobster and store bought mayonnaise. He told Gary he felt relaxed from the first second he was dining with the red team and said the table was set beautifully and that it was a marginally classier affair.

Curtis spoke with Gary about the red team's overcooked salmon and how they served vegetables that were out of season but also mentioned the tasty chocolate mousse. He said there had been big mistakes made by both teams and gave Gary his decision in an envelope.

Back at the MasterChef Kitchen, the red and blue teams gathered to hear the verdict. Gary told them what Curtis had to say about both teams, negative and positive, before reading Curtis' decision. The guest judge had preferred the red team's banquet and they won the challenge.

The blue team will now face elimination, while the red team will enjoy a victory lunch at Hugos in Manly.

Stay tuned to see who the blue team sends home.

Episode recap from with permission.
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