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  • Suspicious stitch up!

    Am I the only one or did anybody else have suspicions about the finals judging. A big fan until this point and I can honestly say I would have been happy no matter who had won. However I think even Diana looked a little surprised at the resulting points scoring. Yes it certainly does look as though these three men have their favourites. Well done Diana, you are a star but I think Ben can justifiably feel a little robbed.
  • So much better

    This show puts the rest of Masterchef series to shame. This is a well done show and these cooks would beat any of the rest of the winners they are so much better. The Canadian and US versions are watered down versions of what the show should be.
  • To the 3 awesume judges

    I have never search so much in my life for getting a visa to AU,

    My dream is to enter Materchef Australia,but at end

    i found out Australia don't provide a visa for me to be able to enter.

    I wish masterchef AU could add South Africa to be able to enter the competition.
  • Surprise

    For the last several years I have looked forward to MasterChef Australia. I love the judges and have really thought it was a true test of a home cook becoming a chef. I went to school to become a chef. But actually doing the work and learning to deal with the pressures of the kitchen is what makes and breaks a chef. This is truly the first year I have questioned decisions being made by the judges. Georgia is not a chef, she will always be a homecook. I have very surprised that they have moved her forward, especially today when they cooked at George's restaurant. She picked the easiest dish and even with that she got flustered. Billie who had many techniques to master today was sent to elimination. Georgia can make pretty dishes but she melts under pressure. A chef has to deal with the pressure. Reynolds I love and was hoping he would make it all the way. But his lack of experience is showing. He can make beautiful looking dishes but needs to now match that with beautiful flavors. Jessica could be a diamond in the rough. She definitely knows flavors. Billie seems to have it all. Looking all ready for the 2016 chefs. This year has been really fun to watch. I live in Tampa FL and am a nurse now. When I come home from work, I grab a glass of wine and sit down to watch MasterChef Australia, my favorite show.
  • Chef is the word for cook in french language lol

    LOL I speak/ write English I was pro cook many never called myself a chef simply because I was taught to speak and write English not French lmao

    In German language the word cook is spelt and pronounced Koch! You stupid self important Kochs! need to address your trade in your language!

    In 1988 before I started work the academic school level knowledge required for a professional cook was year 8 lol seriously can see why I could not work with these idiot cooks talking French to themselves! CAPTAIN DIPSHITS UNITE !
  • Lynton should have won!!!

    Just finished watching Masterchef Australia 2013. Enjoyed it all, except Lynton should have won, but as the judges clearly fancied Emma , she was crowned the winner! Unfair!!
  • Two tumbs up

    Hello Masterchef team. Just a fiew words to tell you how much we appreciate your show which is as far as me and my family are concerned, is a real cooking contest and probably the most honnest one and the most respectful one towards their contestants, the viewers and foodies around the globe. We have tried to follow other Masterchef series from elsewhere and believe me, they are for the most part'' freakshows'' where professional chefs are having their way insulting and harassing contestants without showing them anything at all and no little or no respect mainly. But two tumbs up to Australia wich leads the way on human respect as we can witness day in and day out. Here in canada we now have a version of Masterchef but even though I am a fairly competent amateur cook and ''Incorrigible'' foody I will never show up on any of the cooking shows in north America for the reasons I mentionned before (I don't know why anybody in their right minds does anyways at least on our . So, I will keep my cooking talent for family and friends and so, for the people we love and who are deserving and that respect us. Me and my wife, by the way have this project of traveling to Australia (Thanks to you guys) in the futur and we are looking forward to visit M. Mehigan's and M. Colombaris's establishments where we know we will be welcome and I am sure that it is the same anywhere in your wonderful country. Too bad for North America and all the cheap food shows that I will never participate but for us (Me and my family) ''Cuisine'' is all about passion, love and respect. So, long live Masterchef Australia keep up the good work because we are also learning so much from your Master classes (yes even the kids). Best regards
  • To Gary, George and Matt

    I am a SA citizen but MasterChef Aus is by far the best MasterChef ever. Besides the challenges etc. You 3 are the best presenters ever!! Really love you guys. We are on MastersChef series 12. Keep up being awesome!!!
  • Ajouter au Rseau de voyageurs

    I love your show , I m from Tunisia and I love your judges specially George Calombaris
  • Dislike it

    I don't really see this as a cooking competition, it is in a way, but more like a family show. Compared to the US version I think the competitors get away with crap dishes that takes 20 - 30 min to scramble together, the plating is overall bad and the finesse and imagination is poor. The judges and competitors have a laugh and they get cooking lessons. No edge at all!
  • Loved it!

    I have been watching cooking shows for a number of years now. Top Chef is still a great show. But these guys are amateurs. I think that brings a whole new level of identifiabilty to it. While I'm nowhere near this good it has given me lots of very interesting ideas.

    Plus, the show is not so much about the drama, though it's very much there. There are no "villains" or "bad guys" or any of that crap that you usually find on Reality show competitions.

    I have completely enjoyed watching this for the last 4 months.

    And will eagerly watch it when it comes back in 2010.

    And I have continued to watch it ever since.

    Upcoming 5th Season.

    Junior MasterChef 2 Seasons

    Celebrity MasterChef

    MasterChef All-Stars

    And the Current MasterChef: Australia, The Professionals
  • No hair net?

    love your show. Surprise to see that no one is wearing a hair all in all a Great show, Excellent Judges..
  • For Amina

    It was not fair to eliminate Amina as she was a better cook then Debra. i am not saying she is not a nice cook but Amina was best... and the judges also know i dont want to say but i felt it was racism... sorrry to say but i said what i felt but i still appreciate and thanx that atleast you accepted her and brought her that far.. i dont mean to say that she was the one to win masterchef title 2012 but she deserved to be in top 5 atleast but anyways you know what you did.....
  • THE BEST:)


    I find this show very clean, it's all about food and emotions of people attached with it.
    I love all the judges too, they have so much patience and clearly, they're in love with food too,,
    This is one of the shows that is really very popular in India. Making food look good and taste good too is a gifted art which not many have,, Thank you so much for such an amazing show!!! And what i love the most is the atmosphere of this show, it's so friendly and everyone is so mature. Thankfully, there are things that aren't fake or for TRP's anymore, yet they are popular.

    And again Love the judges!!

    You really are the best!!
    All of u

  • Get your translations right!


    Season 3: not sure which episode but one of the last classes with Gary. He is making Ribs with Chinese Radish and states that radish is called mooli in French...

    Radish is actually called Radis in French (source: Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary 2009).

    Mooli is actually Hindi for Radish!!

  • A Fantastic show with something for evryone to learn about cooking. Well Scrippted and well produced.well done Australia.

    Gary,George,Matt what a supberb show Just finished watching 2009 Masterchef getting it here in the UK on Watch TV. I can only say superb in every department, makes Masterchef UK look very poor. what you teach your guys is amazing and the places wher you teach them is something else. well done to Julie for a stuning performance i had her down to win it weeks ago!!a great competiton with all contestants doing great. if i had to fault any of the programme then it would be bringing the 3 contestants back, this must have put a huge emotional pressure on the contestants already remaining.although i will say that Justine was my 2nd Favourite to win.
    once again well done and can't wait to see 2010 show well done Channel 10 austaralia and all concerned what a fantastic programme. Gents keep up the great work.
    Ronnie UK
  • Great Judges, great people, sexy Sara wilson. What more could you aSK For? also glad that Julie Won!!! But I wish Justine or Sam won. The show got up to 5 million viewers across australia breaking records for the finale.

    Masterchef Australia is a reality tv show that's about many people well 7500 who have auditioned for Australia's first masterchef and only a top 50 people made it. After many challenges they narrow it down to the top 20. It then means that they face challenges for 3 months until the first masterchef is crowned. The show is set in a large building somewhere secluded in The heart of Sydney. The show consists of 3 judges. ''Gary'' who is a chef that can be a mentor and a coach for many people and owns his own restaurant. Then there's ''George'' who is a chef who is younger than Gary but still has a large passion and knowledge for food. He comes from a Greek backround and enjoys many Greek style foods. And finally there's ''Matt Preston'' a very fancy well dressed 6 foot man who seems to have a new outfit and a new Cravat every episode! He was last year named the worlds best food critic because of his dramatic passion for writing review for restaurants all around the world and was notoriously known for being a very tough food critic. The show was brilliant, most reality shows these days like Australian Idol, Big brother, etc. Are very dull because you can loose interest easily. I think this show deserves a big thumbs up, mainly because of the way it's presented and how dramatic it gets before the ad break and has great challenges like the Mystery Box, the Wedding Challenge, the Navy challenge, the Pressure tests and even the taste tests. These are all great examples of the show. I was a little disappointed how they said there's going to be a Celebrity Masterchef. Because i don't think it will have as much passion as the this one. The show could sometimes be a little boring but most of the time it was done really well and most people started to really get to no the final 8 cast like Julie, Poh, Justine, Lucas, Julia, Sam, Chris and Andre. They all became more and more interesting as the show progressed and it showed more about the people on it. And everyone had there favorite. Personally I thought Sam And Justine where great but Sam wasn't exactly good enough. And Andre was very passionate about cooking, Poh brought a nice quirky style of cooking to the show with crazy ideas and doing what she wants to do, Chris the Arrogent Beer Merchant from Melbourne Who was usually a great cook who enjoyed cooking with Beer and Pig, and he loved being the Villain of the show. He also made it to the final 3. And finally Julie who was your typical Mother who lives on the Central Coast and can get very stressful at times. But the show is great, overall a few problems and bores but does well and i hope it is as good next year because i think more people will have more to offer to the competition. Well done masterchef Australia!!!
  • What could have been a brilliant, first of it's kind Aussie show it a big letdown, but still good entertainment.

    I had very high expectations for this show after watching the brilliant format and entertaining nature of the original British MasterChef but unfortunately, Network Ten has let it down. The guys at Ten are too nervous to do anything but their formula for reality shows which is used in their other big hits like So You Think You Can Dance and The Biggest Loser. The show concentrates on emotions, personalities and stuff like that. Now thats all very good when it comes to reality shows but I am getting very bored and tired of that which is why I was looking forward to the fresh new series MasterChef.

    Instead of this 6-night-a-week show being all about food, talent and critical judging, it is about emotion, personality, relationships and life-stories and I am highly annoyed. Instead of focusing on the pure cooking aspect, the camera has a strong tendency to zoom in on the vegetarian thats crying because she can't handle looking at meat, or the contestant who auditions telling the judges about her mothers cancer. It may sound like i'm not sympathetic but it has nothing to do with this show about FOOD.

    Also, while I think the judges are all great guys, aside from Matt Preston, the judges are not as critical as they should be and they barely say anything about the food. While I was not expecting a Gordan Ramsey type character to abuse the contestants and the food, I wasn't expecting an Oprah Winfrey type character who will give a contestant a big bear hug although he or she can't cook good food.

    Saying all of this, I still think the show is very entertaining and I will continue to watch it. My anger lies purely with Channel Ten.
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