MasterChef Australia - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Episode 41: Masterclass
    Gary and George take over the Kitchen for another night of cooking lessons. Fetta Blini with Smoked Beetroot and Roasted John Dory as well as a mouth-watering homemade vanilla ice cream.
  • Episode 40: Team Elimination
    Who was the weakest link in the Martini Club challenge? One person must leave MasterChef Australia for good, and it's up to the losing team to cast their votes.
  • Episode 39: Canape Frenzy
    Once again the contestants are divided into red and blue teams for an offsite challenge. Tonight, they need to prepare canapés for the launch of the Martini Club at the luxurious Observatory Hotel in the heart of Sydney. Will the contestants work together to win for their team? To find out which team won the challenge, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 38: Lucas vs Ben O'Donoghue
    Tonight, the winning contestant from the Sunday night challenge will cook against one of Australias top chefs. Can this week's contestant go up against Ben O'Donoghue and win a place in the final week? To find out how Lucas did in the challenge, read the episode recap!
  • Episode 37: Not So Sweet
    In the toughest pressure test yet, four competitors each cook a croquembouche in an effort to avoid elimination. A decorative cone of profiteroles and toffee, this dish exceeds all expectations. The contestants virtually need an architectural degree to create this masterpiece. Who will leave the Masterchef kitchens forever? To find out who was eliminated, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 36: Double Trouble
    Just when the contestants were getting the hang of the Masterchef kitchen, they're thrown a curve ball. Instead of a mystery box, they're faced with a taste test which will challenge their palettes and separate the good amateur chefs from the better. Whoever picks the most ingredients in a dish, wins an advantage in the Invention Challenge. To find out who the judges thought made the best and worst dishes, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 35: Lemon Goodness
    In this weeks Masterclass, George and Gary ran through how to make a lobster bisque, after the seafood-themed week. They then made a Tuscan vegetable soup and a roast chicken with buttery potatoes. Finally, Julie showed everyone how she made her Lemon Diva cupcakes. For a run through of how everything was made, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 34: The Great Bait Debate
    The loser of yesterday's fishy team competition, the blue team must decide who they're going to send home. Trevor and Sam are on the hot seats and picked as very likely to be going home by the other team. To find out who went home and for a full catch-up, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 33: Fishy Business
    The contestants were woken up at 4.30 in the morning by Gary who was banging on a saucepan. They were rushed down to meet Peter Kuruvita, owner and executive chef of Flying Fish restaurant on the wharf outside his restaurant where they were told the next morning they had just several hours to go out to sea, fish, then scale their fish, prepare it, cook it and serve it, when it will be given to the judges. The contestants split up into teams with Trevor and Justine as the captains. To find out which team won and for a full catch-up, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 32: Justine vs Guy Grossi
    Justine cooked against Guy Grossi, the owner and chef of Grossi Florentino in Melbourne in the celebrity chef challenge, hoping to secure a place in the final week. Guy and Justine had to cook lobster with Russian salad. To find out who won and how it all went down, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 31: Paella Pain
    Picked as the worst three dishes in yesterday's invention test, Aaron, Julie & Sandra have to face the judges in the pressure test to decide which one of them will be leaving the competition. They had to make the difficult Spanish dish Paella in under an hour with the judges and their fellow contestants watching every move they make. To find out who won and how it went down, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 30: Best of British
    The contestants lift up their mystery boxes, only to find the ingredients to make a cake and are then told they are making cupcakes this week, but no ordinary cupcakes. The judges tasted Poh, Chris and Julie's cupcakes. Chris's beer-flavoured cupcake impressed the judges but it was Julie's that won. Chef John Torode, a judge on the UK MasterChef was a guest judge for the invention test. To find out who won and for a full catch-up, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 29: The Perfect Chip
    In this weeks masterclass, George & Gary run through the dishes that were served up in the past week and show the contestants how to perfect some cooking classics like simple chips, fish & a risotto. Do you want to know how to cook these dishes to perfection? Read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 28: Kate's Tough Decision
    Team elimination is the toughest night of the week for competitors in the losing team, this week, being the blue team. They must decide which of their team mates deserves to be sent home. Friendships are tested, emotions stretched and dreams broken, never more so than in tonight's episode.

    Who was sent home? Read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 27: Feeding Frenzy
    The group divides into red and blue teams, with Chris and Kate as captains again for a challenge at Sydney's Royal Easter Show. Each team has $750 to buy ingredients at the Fresh Food Dome, and must cook up dishes to entice the passing crowd to buy their food. The winning team won't be decided on the food but for the first time, the profit made.

    For a full catch up on this episode and for results, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 26: Chris vs Alex Herbert
    In this weeks Celebrity Chef Challenge, Chris must produce a better gnocchi than Alex Herbert, from the famed Bird Cow Fish restaurant in Sydney if he wants to secure a place in the final week. Does he have what it takes to take on the professional? To fully catch up on this episode and for results, please read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 25: Sweet Success
    Each of the bottom three from last night's challenge must cook sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce. It's a restaurant favourite, but given its simplicity, the judges will notice even the tiniest flaw. Who will be judged the weakest? For a full catch up on this episode and results, please read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 24: The Steaks Are Raised
    Tonight's Mystery Box tests the contender's seafood skills. They've got just half an hour to create their dish using a whole snapper, chilli, eggs & beer. Chris decides his best bet is to drink the beer, while Tom tests his skills with an Asian dish. For a full catch up and results for this episode, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Masterclass 3: Souffles and Stir-fries
    Judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston handpicked Australia's best home cooks to join them in Melbourne's MasterChef kitchen. Who will be hanging up their apron?
  • Episode 23: Soufflés and Stir-fries
    In this week's masterclass, Gary and Matt go over some culinary skills and demonstrate how to prepare and clean squid. George made the Calamari Makaronatha and then introduced guest chef Frank Shek from China Doll restaurant in Sydney who showed how to make a quick and simple stir fry that would have you begging for more. For a full catch up and more information about the dishes and this episode, read the recap!moreless
  • Episode 22: An Emotional Elimination
    While the red team were spoiled, enjoying the luxuries from winning the team challenge, the blue team cast their votes one by one and in one incredibly emotional elimination, the news of the eliminated contestant to the red team shed some tears. Read this episode's recap to catch up to date and find out who was eliminated!moreless
  • Episode 21: Aisle Panic
    The judges chose Kate as the captain for the blue team, a team which hasn't won a single challenge to date, and for the red team, Chris. Each team was given the challenge of cooking and serving up a 3-course meal to be tasted and criticised by Matt Preston and two special guests, Simon Thomsen from the Sydney Morning Herald and Larissa Dubecki of The Age. Each team selected two members to shop for ingredients at a local supermarket where the teams were restricted to different aisles to select from. 20 minutes and $150 later, the contestants raced back to the kitchens where they had under an hour to decide what to cook and cook it. For results and a full recount of what happened, read the recap!moreless
  • Episode 20: Julia and the Duck
    As the winner of the invention test two days ago, Julia gets an opportunity to be fast-tracked to the final week of Masterchef by cooking against celebrity chef Peter Evans, who is the owner of Hugo's bars and restaurants. In order to win the cook-off, Julia has to receive a total combined score from the judges that is higher than Peter's when cooking the tea smoked duck breast with duck liver ravioli. Peter commented that Julia has a good chance of winning due to her fantastic palate that most chefs only dream of having. For more information and results, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 19: Attack of the Killer Squid
    As the worst performers yesterday, Michelle, Sam and Kate have to cook it out in front of the judges in the pressure test which will determine which one of them will be leaving. They had to make char grilled and stuffed squid with bread crumbs and garlic, served with a green bean, olive and tomato salad. For more information, read the episode recap!moreless
  • Episode 18: Julia's Divine Dumplings
    In this week's mystery box challenge, contestants are given oranges, chocolate, sugar, coconut and eggs to cook with. The judges choose Trevor, Geni and Poh to present their dishes and select Poh as the winner who then chooses mushrooms as a key ingredient in the next Chinese-themed challenge. The judges chose the three best and worst dishes of the round. Read the recap for more information!moreless
  • Episode 17: Class Is In
    In this weeks MasterClass Gary and George revised meals from this weeks challenges and showed the contestants how to make a great tomato tea, fried diced bacon crumble, rabbit with white bean puree and all of the dishes made at the banquet.
  • Episode 16: A Blow for Brent
    While the red team enjoyed their victory lunch at Hugos in the beautiful beach suburb of Manly, the blue team prepared for their second elimination. In team conversation, Michelle mentioned how their team leader Brent was not inclusive of her or other team member's suggestions. In a private conversation with Josh, Sam and Brent, Brent was told that, as team captain, it was his responsibility to organise the team and a failure at this caused the team to lose. In an emotional eviction, one blue team member was evicted.moreless
  • Episode 15: Banquet Wars
    Team captain Brent selected Geni as the other captain, hoping her "big personality" would interfere with organisational skills. At the Vaucluse Yacht club, each team had to prepare a banquet for special guest chef and judge Curtis Stone. Each having $500 to spend, the teams rushed around Sydney buying ingredients, collecting equipment and setting up the banquet. Headed by Brent, the blue team themed their feast "Welcome to the Captain's Table." Curtis Stone judged the quality of the food as well as the general ambiance of the meal and decided on one winner.moreless
  • Episode 14: Brent vs Boetz
    In this weeks celebrity chef challenge, Brent faced the executive chef and owner of the Longrain restaurants, Martin Boet to cook the best dish. It was a challenge for Brent to try and match Martin's signature dish, the egg net with prawns and pork with a cucumber relish but it is up to the judges to decide on the winning dish.moreless
  • Episode 13: The Tarte Tatin Test
    Aaron, Linda and Julie were quiet all morning as they prepared to face a cook off challenge which would determine which one of them would be leaving the show. The judges told them that the French classic, apple Tarte Tatin was the dish chosen for them to cook and there were lots of possibilities where things could go wrong. One dish was burnt, the other terrible sour but luckily, one was alright. As someone's journey came to an end, the remaining contestants were told by the judges to really work hard in the next week.moreless
  • Episode 12: Rabbit Season
    In the second mystery box challenge, contestants are given bread, eggs, tomatoes, bacon and cheese and have thirty minutes to create an original dish. The judges were only going to taste the dishes they thought were worthy and chose to taste Chris, Trevor and Poh's dishes. Chris won and in the invention test, he chose duck as the primary ingredient and had 5 minutes to pick out food from the pantry compared to the 1 minute that everyone else had. The judges chose the three best dishes and the three worst. One of them will go home in the next episode.moreless
  • Episode 11: Cooking With The Masters
    In the first Masterclass, described by Gary as the ultimate cooking class, Gary and George taught the contestants a trick or two in the kitchen and showed them how to perfect a simple mashed potato and rack of lamb. They then lifted a box over the same ingredients that were in this week's mystery box challenge and taught how to make the ultimate French toast and chocolate mousse with help from Josh, Kate and Trevor. The contestants received tips and tricks to improve their cooking skills.moreless
  • Episode 10: The First Cut
    After the blue team lost the first ever team challenge, running a sushi restaurant, the team talks around trying to make up there mind as to who they will vote to be eliminated. Each member of the team will vote and the person voted for the most will be kicked out of the game.moreless
  • Episode 9: Sushi Stress
    The contestants are taken to a sushi restaurant where they are left in charge of the kitchens for 3 hours. Will they crack under pressure?
  • Episode 8: Sam and The Sausage
    Sam, having cooked the best chicken dish the day before, put on his Masterchef jacket and looked very nervous as he awaited a celebrity chef to arrive; for him to cook against. Manu Feildel, the executive chef at Bilson's Restaurant entered the room and handed Sam the recipe to his signature dish. Sam had 30 minutes head start on top of the 45 minutes to try and out-cook Manu's dish. The dish with the highest combined score of the judge's scoring out of 10 would win.moreless
  • Episode 7: 20 Ways With Chicken
    The 20 contestants settled into their new home, where some of them will be staying for up to three months. They were then taken to the Masterchef kitchens where they had just 2 minutes to pick 10 ingredients to make a meal with chicken. The best dish would give the contestant who made it the chance to secure a position in the finale and the worst two dishes would be punished by having to do all of the dishes.moreless
  • Episode 6: The Top 20 Revealed
    In the first mystery box challenge on MasterChef Australia, contestants must use their creativity skills to cook a meal from minimal ingredients.
  • Episode 5: Fish Market Frenzy
    12 contestants in this elimination round are told at the Sydney Fish Markets that they have 2 hours and $50 to buy produce, taxi back to the Masterchef kitchens and cook up a storm. As the fish frenzy began, contestants raced around the clock figuring out what they're going to buy and cook and one by one made it back to the kitchens. Guest chef Greg Doyle and George judged the food and decided who got to stay and who was sent packing.moreless
  • Episode 4: Taste Test
    In the first ever Masterchef Australia elimination challenge, 12 contestants fighting for their place in the competition choose from a large variety of fresh ingredients and have just 45 minutes to be as creative as possible to impress the judges. Vegetarian Melissa breaks down and struggles to pick ingredients; will it be too late for her? While the judges aren't too impressed with the majority of the dishes and 6 are sent packing. Jarrod has an emotional moment while he tells the judges that he has been worried for his family stuck in floods in Queensland and decides to leave the show.

    In the next challenge, contestants have 3 minutes to name as many ingredients out of 17 that are in George's Bolognese sauce.
  • Episode 3: Nerves and Knives
    Melbourne, the Australian home of good food, wine and entertainment initially disappoints the judges with its audition efforts until Aaron comes along with his modern food-technology skills of molecular gastronomy, followed by Sarah, a vegetarian and recovered anorexic. Aussie country boy Nick didn't make the cut when a strand of hair was found in his Chicken Jolie; a chicken break dish, named after the actress. The auditions came to a conclusion and the top 50 arrived in Sydney where they undertook their first challenge of finely dicing onions. 12 potential masterchefs just couldn't get the hang of it and must now cook for their lives to stay in the competition.moreless
  • Episode 2: The Top 50 Takes Shape
    The Masterchef Australia judging trio travel to Brisbane to find the Sunshine State's greatest amateur food talent. Among the Masterchef wannabe's are mother-of-two Sandra who secretly admires George, Jarrod who has travelled 1500km just to be there and siblings Zac and Melissa, of whom only one makes it through. Later at the Perth auditions, things get bloody with a knife-slip.
  • Episode 1: Sydney Sizzles
    7500 people applied to be on the show, so it was time for MasterChef Australia to take on the Sydney auditions, and later the Adelaide auditions. There were queues of hopeful contestants waiting for hours to get a chance for this once in a lifetime opportunity to become Australia's first ever MasterChef. The pressure was on as the contestants had an hour to cook and five minutes to serve up their best dish for the three judges. There are only 50 MasterChef aprons to give away and there are still more cities to be visited for auditions. People who made it through, won a ticket to Sydney for the semi-finals.moreless
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